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Now lead by thirteen ten minutes to go they're playing well tonight but yeah stray mondegreen had I think kai Bollman fall on him and his elbow I mean it was pretty violent play accidental of course but the elbow went down now with all that said it looks easy checking back into the game he's checking back in with the sleeve on so that as the ball well either they are they took a look at it in dream on green is now coming back in to the game but the injuries just continue to pile up and you know it if it's just so it's so are the way and I wonder if you all agree with this the way I react to everything that goes on with this team this year of course you don't want anyone to ever get hurt but everything gets process so differently think about the injuries that happened over the last five years because they happened obviously they have been in the finals and in the playoffs this last year with both Durant and clay but there was such an immediate heart falls feeling of disaster taking over when those injuries happened now this year you look at it and you think first thought is are you kidding me like really another one but the second thought is and I've said this a couple of times about Steph curry at least without one there is a very clear silver lining to me and I I I tread lightly on not because we don't ever want to make it sound like another human being getting hurt is is okay because you're never read for that I don't want anyone to be in pain I don't want anyone to have their other career go through a bump that said I would comfortably if given the opportunity even explain this directly to staff if you were sitting in front of me I would just be like my man you have earned some rest and I think I could do you well on the long way I think for clarity and staff their legs getting arrested after what they've done the last five years is not the worst thing in the world and then beyond that there are there are the team issues specifically to staff I think this is going to be a really hard here for him personally I think the defense is we're gonna triple team him I think the warriors were probably not gonna win a lot of games anyway and therefore NBA Twitter was gonna take off and start talking about see I told you so the staff was just a product of his environment wildly unfair and now he's protected from that the third part of it is if the warriors lose a bunch of games and get a really early pack that's not the worst thing in the world either I said this a number of times they can be amazing that still I mean amazing next year if you think about healthy staff healthy clay healthy loony that are easily drain ma if you get creative on a trade with the as low Russell I think that's possible you have now found Eric paschal you would have an entire offseason not hard capped for Bob Myers to go to work Hey on a lottery pick as a whole lot of stuff that is all whole lot of stuff to play some basketball for shark okay robin Saratoga on these boards later hi rob what's up what's up guys on so I'm looking at it Jimmy G. Q. and then in addition to everything everyone just said and this and that barking up the team my I mean this guy gives me hope confidence and style I mean this guy is that Steve McQueen a football I might like on Sunday man on Sunday I no joke or a blazer and in a red and gold pocket square and there it is and and yet he has the five and I'm like rolling into work in it Dan he rubs off on a lot of fun at all say this rob I I I kind of get what you're saying because to me I appreciate the call Hey I feel like if you go back through the history of the NFL when a team is either really good or really interesting one of the other if not both it often has to do with the cornerback not always but the quarterback in other words somebody who by himself is on entire subject that the work place the next day somebody who takes you on a journey every Sunday ops downs all my gosh I can't believe you did that all my gosh I can't believe you did that that's when the team has a quarterback that's the manifestation of the equality we always hear about now historically we forget that the previous if quality quarterbacks in forty Niners jerseys we forget that they ever made mistakes we forget that that's what history does Joe Montana never throw peg Steve young never don't take Michael Jordan never lost a playoff game that's what history does Kobe Bryant we're getting close to Kobe Bryant never lost a playoff game we're getting there and then we throw all of that lebron realize that like fifteen years from now lebron will have never lost a playoff game in that crazy sees actually usually loses the files but history forgets the losing when you're in it sometimes it's all you can think about all you can think about Jimmy control four hundred thirty yard four touchdown games and you're like that damn Reds on pack we can drives you nuts down sixteen points score thirty six goal for for twenty four four touchdowns clearing a two minute drill when we can read zone interception I mean it's it's actually kinda laughable when you take all along if you take a long view it is really kind of funny that anyone would come out of the game in your life not too sure about those pics like man you are ignoring all whole lot of stuff you think Brett Farr didn't take fans through this journey I mean holy smokes one of his most famous passes ever was a terrible pick now there wasn't a Green Bay fan base but Minnesota's fan base or one of his most famous passes ever you know ME I was at the OSHA title games initially thought okay so the grades do this and I'm not calling Jimmy great yeah we're just we're we're too early but he's not doing anything out of the norm it kind of feels that way I think it's just because we're in it we're just in the midst of it let's see how about Matancera fell him out it's going on tonight if you are a man I'm guns going on before I guess my point I think robin Saratoga just had is his stash delivered before I called you well I know I think he had a moment I don't know if he was you know encouraged by any outside substance I just think I just think you got a moment that was a man admitting his I. his true love for another man and there's nothing wrong with that I I got no issue with that I he's he's quite a handsome guy yes there's no avoiding that and then a second before I get to my point is regarding the warriors that thing that you may have mentioned that you did when you were just talking they're going to get a chance to truly evaluate their young talent and see what they've got that they can hold on to and in the years to come which is very unusual you don't get that generally because you're trying to win games now they don't have any answers for the most part so it's like let's see what these guys can do it I think it's going to pass out long term ask all they're seeing chi Bowman and Hey on this goes the other direction to like I'm interested to see if Jordan pull ever starts making shots because if he doesn't then that's something to note you know Philip Seymour Hoffman and along came I don't know for their but we're on that track yeah all right we lost we lost about how about Sir Richard in Menlo Park I Richard what's out tonight all lyrics into god make it on I'm kind of you know on the peninsula working to the traffic headed home in and it's got excited about that the call you made it Richard and you are on the fence law which I don't know if you're listening an hour ago I struggle to define the peninsula I was defining each area in the bay what how would you define the peninsula and having been born in redwood city it's it's surrounded by water on three sides no I totally get it I I grew up in because I was born and raised in foster city like I but I I will I lived there I lived there forever like danced out to Jim Plunkett and then the all the way to San Jose and then all the way to you at the aspen and everything that for me you're saving my life right now because sports is the only thing that's really given me anything to really root for and I really love that Jeff Wilson made that catch me and that was a very tough catch and it was like every receiver supposed to get the ball if it's close and the brothers got the ball and tell you why Jeff Wilson junior is an amazing story and you're absolutely right Richard thank you it was an underrated catch and it can go that way when the ball only travels Mike five yards by add this contacts to the fact that the ball was a little bit behind his head and he caught it cleanly that was important to a P. bobbles that he may get caught from behind he catches it cleanly both Jeff Wilson and Jimmy Garoppolo stated that at the time of releasing the ball neither one of them could see each other how about that that's amazing I mean that's that's preparation and college Santa hand drew up one play for Jeff Wilson junior and I came in that was a nice time to break it out on our Kitty on the bay bridge hi Jenny how you pay already so good are you always on the bridge or is it do you only call when you're on the bridge or is that just trying to fan so you know what I'm with that for sure today I got a wonderful donation of giant dots are from the giants have a big toys for tots and then every year my nineteen Daniel and fall yeah I know it's amazing in the giants donate every year and I got the **** who the autograph you know the fact that you were cold and I turn on the radio oh my god if the market will urge yeah here it is did you know that is actually this is crazy now Katie it happens every night did you know that yeah okay I decided what Paul in basketball and hockey with you but I'm not you know me this call during baseball season comping hi I love you I miss you I miss based on having withdrawals being in oracle target they would like I'm ordering.

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