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And maybe we could fold the answer in the same one year Jayson stark. But there's gotta be something baseball have the NBA. Everybody wants to sign quickly and the first week of July is huge for the NBA in the first week of March everybody in the NFL signs quickly or within the first few days, and it's huge for the NFL baseball has none of that. And two of their biggest stars deciding where they're going to go, and it's just like one big mosh pit where we're all sitting waiting around. I have no idea when the world's gonna change right. And I I think it's a real problem for the sport. Because you know, one of the things that's made the NBA especially with the NFL to. In recent years. Is there such star driven sports and in baseball when great players reached the market, they're not being celebrated. This is just agonizing. I wrote about it a week or so ago when Barry Bonds signed with the giants would it think of Barry Bonds. Now, they're -tendance went up by over a million. That's what stars do. And that part of the discussion has really been lost here. This is been a big battle of analytics and agents trying to to make history with their clients. And you know, there's just a lot of internal subplots that pushed this into just an interminable marathon. And I don't think it's good for them. I don't think it's good for the sport. It's not even going to be that good for the teams that sign a because they've blown through the entire season ticket buying period. And haven't done anything. Well, AJ Pollock is look like he's going to hook up with the dodgers. Jason does that mean that they're out of the Harper game or doesn't matter or can affiliates actually, still get both or the White Sox getting both? You know what I mean? Like, both divers I do believe that Bryce has waited around to see if the dodgers could get creative and this is reflection. That's not going to happen. But I think we've known for while it's not going to happen. You know, I think that Bryce winds up falling Phillies because they're the one team still left at a price point that they're interested in. But just not the check Khalas Denton historic contract. Price point many at least has options, you know, he still has the Phillies he sold the White Sox. I am totally convinced that there is a mystery team. And you know, I I tried everything I know in lavas had figure out who that is. But there's there's traffic in that lane. Bryce, I don't send a lot of traffic at the years in dollars. That's got bores has been looking for. So just hang in there, man. Yankees are out with LeMay, Hugh and tool wits though, right on Machado that that those those implicity weakness. Order ever say the Yankees are completely app because I do think many if everything else were equal want to be there. I don't know. What would happen if he if he came to them, and Dan Lozano and said, this is where I wanna be doing on your terms, it it it's probably too late as chanted too late. But if the Yankees, we've faith surprises many times a lot of people have marched up to the the podium trying on that Yankee shirt that you never thought would Ke's France in Cooperstown. When you look out on that that beautiful meadow. And delivering your speech Jason, which I I look forward to seeing next next summer. Congrats again, I love our chats. Let's do it again soon. Rich. That'd be really pretty good. You have me on. Thank you have. You bet that's Jayson. Stark at Jayson s t he's a must follow his information is spot on. And as you could hear his just a good guy who's who's made good in his in his career. You see what I'm saying? Like, I don't know what baseball can do here by putting a back end. Like when the when when they have their winter meetings in Vegas this time around an MLB network shows up, and they have their studio shows from there and all the general managers and all the agents of there. That's when we should see Harper Machado sign like right there. Let's get the big burst of December activity for major league baseball where we're all talking about it. And we're all fired up about it. Instead, we're just waiting around. We have no idea..

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