Roy Moore, Congressman John Conyers, Harassment discussed on The Bruce Elliot Show


Came across a very news yesterday it is fascinatingly charity baganda walk through some of the details on these allegations that have been made against judge roy moore and we'll do that coming up on the motor to first though now are to uh uh the women have come forward to accuse michigan congressman john conyers who is now under investigation by the house ethics committee which means basically that's where these kinds of things to go in order to get him out the headlines in any ritual go away the ethics committee have reports of sexual harassment in the age discrimination involving john conyers who's been more than half a century me he is the longest serving a congress person right now our reporters stopped around to his house in detroit are yesterday to see if they couldn't catch either the congress person or his wife and i'll get a comment from either one of them as to these charges his wife actually did come out of the house my rob witschge who are the she iden did say hey you kids get off my along our every she repeated as well uh but no charges began to accumulate and and we'll talk about this whole phenomena this very interesting issue and how he spun uh and what the likely name of various during the course this morning clubbed couple of things breitbart had a piece yesterday i will post this so you guys go through this as well by court documents kaufman uh she is the accused who says that at age fourteen they're dr warren more tried to engage in sexual or.

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