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Watch them box. I think I watched them box one time. He's been more many sparring partners for like the last five years. He's from Australia of never got to watch him box. If not one time, maybe. As who? One the got on the telecast with Albert Rivera. So when I purchase my seventy five dollar AD paper view on my Comcast xfinity cable tells me that the fights will start at seven o'clock eastern, four PM Pacific standard time when I turned it on. I'm forced to watch wayans. All accesses interviews. Why are you not giving me Verdel Destin? Desmond Jorge Cham Brosseau because you fucking idiots. That's why do they know who of a doubt? I don't know who he is. But that's the whole way programs own you get to know and now out segue to dissolve on. Oh claims to have unlimited bandwith who claims true. You know, not care about airing the fight because they care about the on demand yet Nicosea Salomon's fight was not aired. It was not shown. It's not on demand and size fight so already three months into their business. The changing their model. The thing that I love the most about on their slowly changing, I will admit there were still many many many many under cards on the dissolved car that I did watch. I did watch. Amanda, and I did watch, you know. CJ Hannie and all these people Chris out, Jerry like I got to watch that. And I was happy to watch that and Showtime needs to fucking pay attention. I want to watch. I don't want to watch all access. That's what the fuck compares ten dollars a month to Showtime for I don't need to. Why are you forcing it down my throat fake views shit? I don't want that. I don't want the way in I want the fights is people in the fucking arena. They're fighting you already paying referees and judges to take care of shit. Give us the footage. It's ridiculous. It's stupid and for dissolve they're stupid and their lives to because they told me I would get it. And I didn't get to see coachee. So what I'm invested? I'm invested and cost me one hundred dollars to get your New.

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