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A that's a good point all right let's go west of the rockies sean his in santa barbara california good morning sean welcome to coast gentleman i am quite three noory i'll make him quick and then the question one relating to uh head william on my grandmother owned a house or ravine and the one one i would head william when i met him i wanna no i ask him a question you hit a home run in know with a broken arm he said no hit and then one who aren't show with my young kid would tipped the ball and handed to mr william quote mr i my son wants to shake mr william so this big hand arm hake the ball from the kid who come here and now when i ask a question about hitting the whole month just a question of what that one do you think that he picked up on the tradition of white lou gehrig because gear with the pain and then like you know how babe ruth would he he would go out of his way for autograph also a quote you studio quite with my grandmother he owned a house worship review they gave her a chicken fifty eight and colour skeedaddle and she will fail proof though my dad moved to oakland became a judge john hammond oconee but there was a lot of going on my dad e a new mickey call one he used to come to the house said a lot of things will go on to a lot of uh o ethnic group of ethnic it a lot of energy duplin no like with the indian you think the energy you people living in seville ravine at that time in that community would be picking up on there on the energy clover really great question guard a lot of a workers there are africanamerican mexicanamerican worker and they they cocked about cardio a lot of army critical very tentative about you know what happened to prevent their van because like some of the people that live there what current who actually like cork quickly uh you victor it arm where people from people really reader because there have been over franck near strong quote mick vanity beautiful betting all are hurt invert i want to cook place.

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