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The lowest you can they've done really cleverly is the only animal you compare. So people are not look, and they kind of pet them. And then they compact the lines tiger in London. For the Tigers in the zoos backstage to the backside. Jay, talking just relaxing. It'd be right, right. Today. And then you stick some meat through still staying character. Do they even? I'm Brian do. They really go for you look directly in the end. They realized they would eat you. If you go in there with. What was it like feeding good? Very exciting. I reckon if you wrote to London zoo, they'd let me feed a tiger. Yeah. Do you think that let me write another front? Let me fuck a penguin. How much money you how much money you have to give London zoo just want five minutes in the penguin? Just blind on ten. While I do see things this language. You don't see it? And there's no problems. Just in cash penguin school. I say he will be forever traumatize. We're just one penguin. See that makes me feel bad because you'll being horrible to a penguin. I'm going to block here. Now daring to say that me wanting to fuck a pain. Is a bad thing. You're the bad one for saying his pants. That's my getting murky now, I'm a bit. This is what is this game? Records from we. We're not gonna go for much longer because I've just completed a circle. My move goal is chief how did that happen? I've just literally move my home. Is. Very very poor. Just check with. There was something. I wanted to talk to you about. You when you eight O goodwill. You Joe groin Mus. Mike. It sounds salacious for some was making his own. Yes. I did. I he's trying to dance dance dance. I used to be don't now I'm not because I was terrible. But I I I didn't for light Starlight express skate school and things like that. So I was like I was I was kind of course, line good enough. And being a bigot thinking, oh, I can do this. I didn't warm up properly and in a class before skate school banged down into splits without warming up and ripped my groin. And I heard it go. Like three metallic kind of sounds, and they had to lift me up and used to the splits when the lifted you, and I was crying, and it really hurt and I had to go and have intensive physio. And then the whole side turned because you have turn out as you have to have an ultra Turner, and this whole side turned in. And that's that was me Donald Johnson. Has has your growing going fine? My ever. Nobody we it was a blessing in disguise because I was a shit dancer, and I'm kind of a mediocre act. Mike money of acting. But I would never have done out because you know, you have to give up when you like thirteen like such as short lived career. An unless you're absolutely amazing. You're always only going to be course, or. It's never going to be like bringing is is a more more competitive, isn't it than being dance is. But I think also with an actor is gonna solve harder to win if you're done so you can dance. Yes. Sort of quantifiable in a way. Quantifiable whereas with an actor who can do it. And you might be the best action the word and never go in for the indignant, man. Someone goes oh fucking now. Coming back to look what's this fucking fucking par show. Okay. Garwin Dignam was that come on to. I think you've really to indignant indignant the pull it back side. Man, repressed, the let's. Iowa to clues in acting. Lexi's. Always give them everything..

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