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Do you get excited to go to Wal Mart or Target or Costco? I asked, like on a Saturday or a Sunday. I'll say to my wife, my daughter. I'm OK. You guys want to go to Wal Mart. If they both say yes, I'm like on Cloud nine man. I can't wait to get there and see what's on the shelves. Tim Conway Jr show Thanks It's six on K. F I, You know one of the things I do If if somebody says you want to go to a restaurant, and I don't like the restaurant, I always say my grandfather died at that restaurant. Problem is when people start talking like Conway's grandfather died, the smoke, you know, smoke house. I thought it was up in Arby's exactly Know, Smokehouse Night told me RB Tim Conway Jr show weeknights. Sex. Fun K F I thistles a terrible story from Minnesota and involves a truck driver. His name is Tate are doom eight. Doomed just like T O m. Do you know I think names were destined People with weird names have weird lives. You don't have a weird name. We'll look at me my normal You're not normal. No, John, and can't weekdays 2 to 6 KF I when I moved to l A and I went to the Grove. Yeah, and I was like, what's with the 18 year old boys without their top son and the music in that place and no lighting, no lighting well on today's Gary and Shannon show, the part of Shannon will be played by my mother, Gary and Shana Weekdays at 10, A.m. and K. F I. Now this segment is rated PG 13. Just so you know, it's It's It's a little bit a little bit risque. Here's what I tell people. If you have kids in the car turn up. The volume will handle mornings from 6 to 10. Km box am 6 40. Hey, pull a strange when you're strange. Oh, faces Look up Glued won. You're alone Women saying what can one you're taking street star on you when you're.

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