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And that was an extreme example of forcing empathy. Right. Made you think? Wow. Did I co that the right way? Did I design that the right way? I. Can't get to the next thing. I don't know how to get to the next thing. Right. When you don't know how to go about it. If if no one designs develops at in the right way, are there way other ways to force that without necessarily making everyone code blind for a day or a week. Yeah. I like to tell people see if you can go through a website, just using the keyboard alone because not everyone can use a mouse. I actually have a friend who had a traumatic stress injury to his hands. And so he was no longer able to use the mouse because he couldn't hold the mouse. So he had to learn how to maneuver with the keyboard and only using the keyboard? So it's a great test to see if something is acceptable. Just by using the keyboard? I mean back in the day, you know, when the web, I came out people use the keyboard in a lot of people actually still use the key. Board because the shortcuts are much faster for them. Yeah. That's I've actually had that happen where I thought something was accessible. But then you get to the end of the process, and the okay button can't be pressed or can't tab my way to add or cancel or they expect me to memorize a hockey or hockey. I did memorize do knows and actually work, you know, like escape doesn't do what you expect or enter doesn't do what you expect. I think we all experience at all the time. We assume that the tab is going to take the next thing. And when it doesn't what a mess. Yeah. Exactly. And how do you unlearn those things or how do you? How do you teach those things it's it's really thinking about the hierarchy to I think from a design perspective a teach my students. What is the hierarchy of this page where are people going to go first? And when I do see sites that are done well for excess ability at the very very top. It'll say skip to content. That's exactly what I need. I need to skip to content. I need to skip all his stuff. Whether if I'm using a screenwriter, or if I'm just using the keyboard, what what a gift it is to skip all this crap that I don't need and just get to the content that I do, you know, I'm feeling you're making me feel bad about my own site. The wondering if I need to go and run some tools on my own site. If you get to content, and you bring it straight to the content. That's always a nice a nice little bonus. I think. Hey, folks, I hope you're enjoying this podcast. You know, I've done over six hundred and fifty podcasts. So I must enjoy doing it. And I hope you enjoy listening. But if you enjoy stories about the people behind the technology, you use you should also check out the greater than code podcast. They focus on the human side of software development. We've got stories of inclusivity and accessibility from the people you don't normally hear from search for greater than code in your favorite podcast app or check out greater than code dot com..

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