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Enda it's believed that he may have been the main inspiration just for Dracula's appearance in the Romanian see him today he is still considered a national hero a here's a TV show pick that up right away and began not only just writing about it for to make a buck but kind of embellishing and building on it garlic necklaces and this kind of thing that would all come out of these embellishments of these legends yeah that and that was based on existing superstitions what is now Romania and Bulgaria Serbia all that they believed vampires were real and they were successful in convinced being actual doctors at the time that that was a thing so it's interesting that we're taking a historic character who because of circumstances had to be very vicious and letty in order to survive between the Hungarians and the Ottomans and the fourteen hundreds and then you've got these legends of Vampires and you have other scarce stories from just rattling around then you've got a victorian novelists that weaves it altogether and it really struck a chord with the public and today probably have the tourism going to Romania is looking for the trail of Dracula Yeah it's a bit of a sore spot for the Romanians because he no having one's entire entry associated with a fictional character written by a guy who never step foot in the country that their little their little salty about that it's it would be like the if everyone associated England with the spice girls that's a very good analogy like the beginning and end of your impression in England that's what Spicer Okay and then then you knew nothing else about it that's that our mania feels so what the what the Dracula situation all right well then if there's a reason to go to Romania other than following the little scant track of this Empire Dracula which itself petitions tell us Why would you go to Romania well I would obviously I would recommend that you follow the trail of the Real Vlade Oculus Vlad the impaler he was he was a character just put it lightly but Romania Romania is arguably the biggest bang for your buck right now in Europe they have so much that the unfortunately the tourism ministry hasn't done a very good job of of really marketing it well but Romania is probably of an I've been all over it's probably the most serendipitous to spontaneous place to travel things especially if you're in a car on your own you you come across all these strange and wonderful things especially in the small villages and then when you interact with these folks they are very happy to just Chit Chat with you talk and they'll bring you into their homes and in Fiji our homemade plum brandy in whatever they happen to have on the stoke there's always something cooking and they send you off it's just wanted to hang out with you for a while that's it thanks for sharing with us a better understanding of Dracula and his home country Romania and thanks for your book backpacking with Dracula and happy travels thank you for having me you'll find a link to life Pederson's book and travel blog this week show details the radio section for dot com in a minute we'll get a personally vetted guide to the finer things inland and later listeners tell us of the kindness encountered in their travels at eight seven seven three three three Killa Direction I'll be help you imagine being rich and stylish in London being able to not only afford to enjoy appreciate fit into London's finest seems if that's you then James Sherwood Sweetie guidebook to London's most stylish and characteristic restaurants hotels specially shops and other elegant scenes is just right to help you spend your money in style? As longtime fashion critic style-guru James has compiled James Sherwood's discriminating guide Monday he joins us now on travel with Rick Steves with personally vetted advice for enjoying what in London they call it the upper crust James Welcome hello hello thanks for joining us it's so much fun for us on the other side of the Atlantic here to Gobert London and Try to survive in a city that as you call the most cosmopolitan city in the world and I figured the most expensive city in Europe and do it in a way where we're not just driven down in into the chain restaurants and in the lowest way to consume it connect with the elegance of London what is the concept for you of your book are you trying to help travelers do I think there's a huge difference between elegance and expense. London is is swamped with them for money now through the Middle East from Russia from China particularly and it's changing the character the city in a way so there is a very rich seam at the top top top for the the super the rich and the book is not really about them because they tend to spoil a venue in my opinion you know if if you spend ten minutes in the company of the super rich you really want to run on a mile and and find some a little more discreet little more English I I mean we have this delightful notion of the proper English gentlemen I mean we're all crazy about Downton Abbey and it was such a beautiful scene does that vibe in the twenty first century I mean what is the perfect gentleman traditionally and where's that today I think the the whole concept of of Downton has it certainly still exists in London I mean we have restaurants certainly hotels certainly in shops most definitely that go back one two three hundred years menu have the Queen's role warrant or the previous King's royal warrant so these venues they tend to gather ransom James's Paddison Buckingham Palace said we're talking about James's music and he could really so it's the traditional fashionable west end and I'm very pleased to say that we still have the Ritz we still have the Savoy on Saint James's Street Mr Berry brothers and Rod which is one of the oldest vintners if field is spent in the world yeah I took a walk down German street I think that's in that area you know you see people that that make shirts and and they've got all these fancy hats the races for this and heads for that take us on a walk down a place like Germain street what might we see in and how does that sort of warm your spirit as far as this elegance from the the good old days surviving in our modern world I think German street to me is one of the most exciting won't one of the most romantic streets in London away if you're walking from St James's street you'll come across tumbled an asset the royal shirt makes Prince Charles on the right that was founded in eighteen eighty five an it's essentially still making what made in eighteen eighty life bespoke shirt some bow ties gentleman's requisites you call it so everything but the suit let's talk about gentlemen's requisites because we have the windows and we see sock garters and startled dollars and stiff Debbie evening shirts take us through the the wardrobe there I suppose it's wonderful that that study exists because there is still a market for example Roy Alaska we can in the ruined closure you are expected to wear mourning tales which gentleman would have been wearing in the late nineteenth century it hasn't changed at all including the stiffs dot callers. They're ready for the the GROWNUPS I suppose I'm you don't see many younger men wearing them now it's it's probably too much of a Pfaff but German streets don't maintains a standard I think that is existed for an awful long time and also that area of London is known as a Bachelor quarter from the era of Charles the second so we're going back to sixteen sixty six great fire when everything moved the mercantile class moved from the city into the West attended that was really the birth of luxury in the west end so it's not unusual to find a shop that's been going father to son since the nineteenth century but you're saying the tenor of that neighborhood goes back even four centuries absolutely it does it can go even further I wrote a book Rawson James's which was called five centuries of Royal Royal Style it went back to St. James's Palace which was built by Henry the Eighth Amber Lynn in fifteen thirty thirty one She lost a head before she moved back on Hilton I think it was eighteen nineteen and the other bedding to live next door in Burlington House and the presents used to throw the shells over his wall and he didn't like it so he and the Countess decided to build a covered shopping street and this is Bennington Arcades did exist today institute is beautiful so if we find ourselves on one of these exceptional streets that you write about the might find a shop that that features just hats and you step into this shop and if the proprietor has the moment to explain things to you and that is it just time for them to two so they're oats and get the craziness out of their system and settle down and become proper upper crust English gentlemen or do you think there is a an actual generational change that's going to rewire the whole upper end situation what I think is amusing that that it's probably my generation and I'm in my forties presenters when they shouldn't do and you find the young generation react against their parents they probably want to dress like their grandparents in which case you know we should have a a wonderful not planning a trip to Britain anytime soon it's like having a confidante to knows the story behind nearly every well appointed shop window in the city James also writes a diary he calls I from Bloomsbury Square James Dash Sherwood Dot com he's our guide to the elegance of London right now on travel with Rick Steves James.

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London, Rawson James, Bloomsbury Square James Dash Sherwood Dot Com discussed on Travel with Rick Steves

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