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He attack he wait. What's the main thing. He is snack. I think that that scene. With joker and batman and also the fact that Death stroke is there is kind of of fill like closure for snyder and that's him saying that It's almost like what could have been but here. I'm kind of finished i. That's that's kinda how i feel with it. I feel like it's a redemption of a. You know his his vision Because you know we see flash as we saw him in the batman v superman moment where he says. Lois is the key And we get joker who This is redemption for. Jared leto joker because so many people have turned thought that he's a joke and now people are like oh look at him. I seem as euchre. And and even i've it's a redemption for i feel amber heard i mean she's become a punching bag and again reason why studios don't need to listen to everything that audiences says because our own board amber heard as his character but no i feel like that. I think zack is kind of okay with wrapping this up and moving on but i think he would be open to to come in back in you know. Maybe maybe maybe we have him. You know actually produce like he was supposed to some other dc movies. But who knows at this point i just i doubt it but money money. Money is the key to everything. And warner brothers. Doesn't know what they're doing and who knows we might. All the sudden get the batman death stroke movie after this with ben affleck. No idea literally anything is possible. Warner brothers has no idea. so how can we. that's right. well. I think we did zack. Snyder's justice league hair. Yeah that's right so chad you have another movie. Us recently like to recommend or listeners. Pulling up my letterbox here visit. Anybody wants to follow me on their. It's poly staffel peo- s. t. a. f. f. l. e. be an economical here getting the plug in with the recommendation. I like it. It's the the movie me you madness Which there's kind of some echoes of promising young woman in in a way in a way. It's it's more American psycho meet showgirls. It's a patch shit crazy movie..

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