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Back to Mike badly welcome back to NASCAR. Live Haley deegan is a very hot name right now and she's about to make a big move in her NASCAR career. Kyle Ricky talked with her about moving up to the NASCAR camping world truck series in two thousand and twenty one and if she feels she's ready for the challenge. It's been a big week for you I. Let. Let's recap. The truck race your first time in the NASCAR national spotlight, I green flag pit stop which I was eventful. But the entire race I feel like you're pretty happy with it when you get out of the truck at the end of the event. Yeah. Honestly that race went really really good for me. I had goals I wanted accomplish that race. My goal is I finish don't get in a wreck it was close finish. Others a few sketchy moments with crashes at that big crash that they had to happen in front of us and it was closed but we made it out that one and then my goal was really like it'd be a good day for me to finish top fifteen to twenty. That was my goal of finish that I'll be happy and so I think that was really good that we accomplished all those goals I was happy with myself. I was happy with my crew, my team, my crew chief, my spot at everyone just did an amazing job was really on top of their game. I know one thing that you were really hoping to get out of the Arkansas is the experience of green flag pitstops and a lot of those different things and those elements of an event that happened in the truck Synnex Finnity so walk us through your first reinvite good stop in the truck because I Off of turn number two on the. Radio. Really went so. My crew chief Keith, I keep up on the radio and was like, okay, we're GONNA. Run. This thing? It's almost out of fuel some. Okay. No problem that he's about seven laps and okay. Perfect. So I kind of just was going along pushing hard making sure I hit my marks for those seven laps and then all of a sudden we got down to about four five labs and keep in mind like it's already my head. Okay. We're running I. Guess we're running out of gas running I guess. We were at the lack before I actually ran out I was going to turn three and it was very windy during the race in. So I went and turned him. And Austin I heard a Oh and I was like maybe it's just my mind playing games on me and I was like so I'm very like a mind person like get like mind messed up quick especially stuff like that. So I was like, Oh, it's probably just I'm price overthinking. So I'm like, okay I'm GonNa say anything just keep going don't worry the guys or anything, and then all of a sudden I get off turn to they're getting. It's like mid corner went to when you pick up the at the gas goes. One of those are all my God and I'm still like not even prepared to the point where we are running on guests. We stopped like four or five years ago and I keep up and I'm like..

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