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O 8. Michael and sons peting tune up for only $69. Traffic and weather on the 8s, let's go to Mary de pampa in the traffic center. All right, good morning, Liz and a happy Sunday. Good morning. Thank you. We're going to start out on the Virginia side where we know of a rogue closure on Arlington boulevard inside of the beltway they've closed the road in both directions and it is essentially closed between westmoreland road if you are heading eastbound and annandale road if you're heading westbound, the road is closed in that stretch. There's now a crash investigation. You are able to get to the service road and our one camera shot. So bottom line, both ways following police direction, workarounds, including 29, as well as if you were to use annandale road that put you beyond it if you're looking to the east end. Of course, Columbia pike and 66, there are no issues from front royal all the way into roslyn. This said, not a whole bunch house to watch out for there is a new crash in fairfax just being reported on the fairfax county Parkway between Pope said wrote in Burke center Parkway watch your mirrors, both directions they're running for the incident, haven't marked on scene as of yet. Now route one and dumfries with southbound just before dumfries road and it was a vehicle fire safe to say now we've got a disabled vehicle watch for police direction. 95 in Virginia from Fredericksburg, Springfield three 95 and through the 14th street bridge all rolling well. Toward the district and on the Maryland side, it was coming inbound on the suitland Parkway and nailer road to crash right there at that intersection or the ramps, watch for police direction, Mary de pumpa WTO P traffic. Not a storm team fours, Ryan Miller. And Liz, right now, taking a look at your temperatures in the 30s across the region, a few flurries into the Shenandoah valley as we speak

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