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Your dogs want text message with the dog walk starts live gps of your dogs walk notification when your dog is the bathroom talking about the mike monks give me a time this i'm telling you just wag walkers is awesome it's a private dog walking service they don't walk your dog with other people's dogs it's the servers are insured bonded your dog home recovered wag is a must have every dog owner give wagga try download wag on i tunes google play or search for wag walking sign up today i walked for free no promo code needed so download wag in sign up today again download it wag search for walking a noone overtime but it's really great okay so how about this let's talk about we were this is a monster i mean when are they can songs five years this is one of the bigger one so was it written as a duet there was another artist that we i don't know i never feel right saying that is everybody always says you don't have to but everybody always says don't feel like you have to there was another artists that there was just like rumor that they were looking for a feature it was a female artist in looking for a feature and it was city quite honest not as massive like not as you know at the time that artists have you know hadn't had a song on the radio in years not a feature.

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