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Jerky in in her inner movements, but it's herky-jerky in a way where it looks like what she's doing is intense in real incomes from another world. And I think Rossi field special because of that, you can look like, you come from another world did not fit in. I think she embraces rowdy Roddy piper in is like just happy to either. I mean, I think fans, no, she loves clocking into work and she takes what he does seriously. So overall, I thought it worked, but. But I thought that they had some limited tools to work with. I don't think, again, we keep saying it, but at this point in a long evening, I don't think it made sense to just have lists stall for seven minutes or cheese in NV down Ron, a little bit through nefarious means just to draw the match out. I mean, I think the money in Rhonda is keeping your special in having a win. That's how she became famous was winning quickly, and then you want Alexa bliss with a double joint aspect of her that helped them sell Rhonda's submission. So I think mission was accomplished in and Rhonda with with some mixed feelings. I think Ronda is is absolutely on the course on one of the best case scenario courses when they signed her and her reaction from Vance continues to be super gastric. There's going to be interesting to see where they go with election bliss from air because she's very effective as a heel. But I think the, I think people want to like her advanced a win if they turn her baby because when I turn her baby, I think she's gonna have a monster run. I mean, it's a little ways down the. Road is tomorrow. I'm just saying as I'm just looking at them a computer screen and Rhonda's Rangan cheese standing outside the ring. Just I just see. I see money in her and whether's him or maybe I, but I see a monster run as a baby for that young lady. Oh, I totally agree. I mean, I think listed a baby facing to heal. Charlotte is big money, Neil Charlotte, he'll Charlotte. Yeah, exactly. Now, chain of Baseler as a heel against Alexa bliss. Alexa lists using her wit against bully heels and the fans. I mean, 'cause Lissette short herself to be like super cool circles, latest. Yeah. Like on her podcast and stuff that she's gonna me, it's just like she totally connects with wrestling fans in a way that that can be absolutely marketed. So, yeah, I thought it was a cool moment for an Italian to after what happened with Jim Knight hardcover dad, and I thought it was cool coming out in Jim's jacket and having that moment to just have the fans kind of applaud her, but also the legacy of her family and her dad that. I thought this was a good setting for that to happen. It felt like the right the right circumstance, right. Timing was kind of, you know, asking the people hate you wanna see me a new women's world champion. Now she's kind of narrating through the match. She's she's a very aggressive person, you know, in the ring or in octagon, and I was just watching her do this. And I'm thinking, man if they ever and I'll take they'll do it for a long time because you still learning the ropes. She's very green, but she's she's pretty damn over and she's done awesome in every match she's had so far, but down the road, if you turned her heel. 'cause I mean, she she has a natural main streak. And on the other side, she's very beautiful within very charismatic. And she loves the business and it's very genuine. I don't wanna put the cart in front of horse because she's still learning the business first and foremost and learning how to be a baby. But man, if you ever flip are he'll doubt that would be something in the potential matchup she can have Shannon baiser, they'll take those could be superintendents. Higher ethane will Bailey as an underdog baby Sasha banks as as as a baby face Becky Lynch, if they keep her strong and build her up. I mean, yeah, it's it's a long list of baby face opponents. Try to take out Ronda Rousey if you like mashed. I mean, not that she needs it, but if you had rod Rousey managed by Paul, Ayman in Paul gets turns Rhonda against what everyone thinks Rhonda stands for against the memory Roddy piper and all that and hayman's cut promos..

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