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The tax foundation ranks louisiana number one of the nation for sales tax rates wwl michelle southern has details director estate projects for the tax foundation scott drinker says when you combined sales property an end income taxes louisiana's what are the least tax burden states but he says the state can benefit from tax reform because it has one of the most complex structures in the nation in any given tack there's a lot of excluded an exemption or deduction things that narrow the tax base and make the tac let productive in louisiana louisiana's combine fine state and local sales tax rate averages just above ten percent at a reminder if you're headed from baton rouge than orange today you may experience delays without an alternate route itin east is closed again between sorrento and grammercy golden new orleans every gone awry kitchenaid you order crowded hear what the crowd going to be like it can jackpot one one i got ort that's dot the spokesman rodney mallett who says the interstate is set reopen by five am monday morning incidentally the loss fourth politically david heaven had just one playoff appearances v got the by the falcons at forty wealth editing having just one season to convice allstar seven demarcus cousins that wall of this the place to be the coming season as being seen in the playoffs are both propositions for guards who holiday says he's looking forward to the highest stakes scurvy for every every single is going to be firm on living is going to be a great great your first order and is asian of team but i'm really started on omar position it's always been now that you've got guys who can switch won't be through the fords every for new all the players at wimbledon sit idle today with tickets to this whole break on the first day of the fortnight and flee reserves tomorrow though amending middle play for us fought in the quarterfinals was proved to be a star sordid affair of the top eight seeds remain alive included the entire thoughtful.

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