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Adam Sandler, Domino, Jay Mohr discussed on The Adam Carolla Show


I don't know why why am i at the sports authority with stranger and this guy is bogging me for money. You just fuck off yeah right pailin. Fuck you homeless guy job for christ's sake like immigrants who swam all the way over from wherever the fuck he's from panel on phillips as michael mcdonald wrong. That's in the white man has a white supremacist on you know because he mumbles right now now here's where it gets there talk to her paul para poder hop who to everyone else who worked at kayla sex touching add <music>. You're white supremacist. Oh it's too wiseman hop the white man i'm sorry everest breath and jay mohr as adam sandler on sailor movies to critics are fourteen percent but the audience interesting adam listen to me you make those movies and those louise are like single digits oftentimes the answer laura. Thank you from the last movie shattuck you got. One company didn't make you say work yeah. That's gonna make a movie called. I speak gibberish. Were ninety five minutes. Adam sandler speak weaken gibberish domino's domino's. I eight all right now. We got sunny. You wanna you wanna say your ringtone studio. Yes a._m. Talk let's hear it.

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