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Feinstein accuses Grassley of bullying survivor of attempted rape in order to confirm a nominee deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein, says the New York Times got it wrong. When the paper reported that he had talked about using the twenty fifth amendment to remove President Trump from office, the AP's Eric Tucker reports refer to anonymous sources who have their own agenda, and he says he's not going to respond to it. But I should also note though, by the same token. Justice department did issue a statement. I one two freddy's coming for prime time network. Tv ABC's says Robert Egland is reprising his role as FREDDY Krueger from a nightmare on elm street for Ford Motor has been told to pay customers in Thailand as AP correspondent charlesdale desma reports it has to do. With faulty transmissions. Ecorse has altered fooled to pay two hundred ninety one customers the total though the seven hundred thousand dollars in compensation the selling cars equipped with full transmissions the Bangkok south. Civil courts decision has been welcomed as a victory in the country that consumers rarely win redress. Most of the paintings in the cost action suit will get payments of eight hundred to eight thousand dollars each depending on the number of times and length of time that calls took to be repaired. Ford has said in a statement that it respected the court's verdict. Faulty transmissions also being targeted by consumer legal action in the US and Canada. I'm Charles Ledesma. Adults can use marijuana in private in South Africa. According to the country's top court. The constitutional court upheld, a provincial court's ruling in a case involving Gareth prince who advocates the decriminalization of the drug print says cannabis should be regulated in the same way his alcohol and tobacco the government disagrees. The Trump called says an adult can, cultivate, cannabis in a private place as long as it is for personal consumption in private it says the right to privacy extends beyond the boundaries of a home. The cool. It says it would be up to a police officer to decide if the amount of marijuana in someone's possession is full personal consumption or dealing when posting on most jobs sites. You get candidates. I'm the sales director sales driving sales director you're looking for. But when you posted indeed dot com, you get the candidates just right for you. I'm a sales director with an MBA over ten years experience. Who's also fluent in. Japanese was indeed you can add screener questions.

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