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Flowed. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, seeking a federal disaster declaration amid snow, sleet and freezing rain was able to talk to the president on Tuesday afternoon and make sure she was aware that we would be making that request. And of course I look forward to getting a response. From him very soon, even though more than a million power outages have been restored in Texas since yesterday, more than 900 public water systems have outages there that's impacting more than 10. Million people, many in Texas or under boil water alerts. Senator Ted Cruz says he wanted to be a good dad by taking his daughters to Cancun amid the freezing blackouts in Texas. The senator has faced outrage on social media over his decision to leave the state. While Texans were struggling for warmth, food and gas, Cruz says his family lost heat and power, too. He did fly back from Texas today. If your unemployment benefits ran out last year, you can now file for new benefits starting Saturday, Phase two of emergency unemployment assistance ready to go. But the state has a warning for those who received debit cards but didn't file claims if you received the debit card in the mail from the state unemployment office, but didn't file a claim This could be a sign your identity has been stolen victims of unemployment insurance fraud or actually victims of identity theft. Their identity has been stolen at some point in time in the Past, and perhaps they're on Lee indication that that has happened is because they're now a victim of I don't claim an insurance run. If this has happened to you, it is important to report it to the state's unemployment office as soon as possible. Joel Hill in K Away News Radio on Wall Street, the Dow lost 1 19, NASDAQ Down 100 S and P 500 Lost 17 and in sports. Tim Tebow is baseball career was. The Mets is over. Tebow says he's hanging it up Our next news updated 4 30. I'm Cathy Walker on Keohane News radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 of them. T Mobile is now the leader in five G coverage and speed, so to celebrate. We're bringing out our best deal right now get the iPhone 12 on us on each and every plan with eligible iPhone traded so I can face them with my sister in Savannah. That's right. The iPhone 12 on.

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