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You by harmless harvesting the American foundation for suicide prevention now more of their stint on KGO eight good afternoon I'm Pat thirst and well as promised I do you want to return us to the conversation we were having in the last hour it has to do with our children the way we're rearing our children and their mental health the fact the kids don't get outside they're not allowed to play on their own they're constantly supervised it seems and I know there are exceptions and I also know the parents care about this that we want to be able to do the best thing for our kids what were freaked out we're so afraid that there is danger of foot everywhere they may go by themselves that we imagine in our heads the very worst scenarios possible and then we want to protect them from those scenarios in the process of doing that though we may be hurting our kids we're not allowing them to grow we're not allowing them to be on their own to gain independence day you can't give them independence when they're two years old obviously but as they grow and as they show responsibility we should be broadening the parameters that we've established for them and that happens in a variety of ways but one of the ways it happens is to let him go outside to let him go down to see their friends without you taking them there let them walk let them walk to school let them walk home from school you know I always think that it's better to have kids in groups I do think that there's much more safety in numbers but to let them do this to let them go to the park and play with their friends but parks in the bay area the ones that I've experienced lately I don't feel like they're safe places for kids to go they're supposed to be you know parks are established to for our benefit but they've been taken over by others who want to control the turf there they want to be there it could be people were calling from Oakland and San Leandro telling me that there's a gang presence at at parks well I don't want my kids to be in the vicinity where there's gang activity especially if it's violent gangs or gangs that are and then dealing drugs I don't want them to be in a place where there's drug use that's going on and that's what I've seen in the part closest to the station here I've seen people actually shooting up in the park themselves and then nodding off maybe sleeping there I also do see a large homeless presence in the park and that makes it an unsuitable place for our children to go and to play to engage in the activities that we think are going to be helpful to them so we're going to be where we go where's it going to happen there may be a solution of that there's a couple of organizations there are a couple of organizations here in the bay area that have cropped up to address some of this concern we also have problems that we may be able to address within the schools that our kids are attending so when we come back I'll tell you what's going on in the schools even as school is beginning now in the bay area my kids start school tomorrow most of you your kids have already gone back to school which I think is way too early but let me tell you what's up what has been reported to me by some listeners about new policies at the schools that I think are contributing to the problems that we've been talking about eighty eighty a tennis our telephone number will get your calls and I'll give you this new information as soon as we come back you're listening to KGO their stint on KGO eight ten.

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