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Oh, damn. We got Billy Donovan's on. Nice coach, I swear. Just came out. Yeah. Well, I'll be good. Up from goods and again. Billy Donovan was the coach for okay. See used to coach at Florida. This is after hours with Amy Lawrence. Zach Levine. This is 2020 where you find out who your next head coach will be. And then you share it with everyone while your gaming on Facebook. Okay, I'll just be honest. I am not cool. That's not a big secret. But producer Dave I didn't know you could Facebook game or game on Facebook or whatever. Neither did I. Until I stumbled across this video that someone put on Twitter. And you know what kind of game on Facebook? He was playing like a first person like shooting game or something, And he's sitting in this house somewhere. And like his dinner, living room, you see him in his chair and all of a sudden you look, any pics of his phone is like No. Yeah, No, he said Dam was trying to avoid them, but oh, it's fine. He's like, Oh, yeah, we got Billy Donovan. And then he's talking to someone who clearly didn't exactly know. Billy Donovan was like a friend or someone was in the You know, Facebook gaming. So I had to explain. Like who he was The coach of and where he you know was coming from SOS, but Facebook gaming? Yeah. Hadn't I'd never heard of this before. I actually thought that the younger generation so my nieces, for instance, they don't think Facebook is cool and they're both on Facebook. I think they have a count only because that's how they connected with roommates for college, but they both think Facebook is for old people. Yeah, my Children tell me that you don't use Facebook for the old Zach Lavine doing I don't know. I guess they're trying to get back into the younger crowd with with them Gaming. Okay, So that was Zach Levine in the moment, reacting to Billy Donovan, who, of course, parted ways. After his contract ran out in Oklahoma City. They decided not to renew the deal, And at the time there was talk that he would be looking for a different type of a gig. Now, interestingly enough, The talk was that he left, Okay. See he didn't want to be involved in a rebuilding project. But Chicago Bulls are a very young team, and I think I would. I would classify them as a rebuilding project. Maybe a little farther along than OK. See, but they're definitely rebuilding s. Oh, that That was kind of interesting to hear Levin's reaction. I think if you're a young player, you're pretty happy with Billy Donovan. He's got credibility. He's got equity, not just in college, where he won titles. But also with Oklahoma City and what he did, even in the wake of the defections they had over the last few years with Kevin Durant on then with Paul George, and then soon on his heels. Russell Westbrook it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio, Rick Pitino was a guest on Sirius X M N ba radio kind of funny. This is the other end of the spectrum potato coach Billy Donovan when they were at Providence. I've never been able to find a fault with Billy Donovan and I confined plenty of faults in myself as well as my other assistant. He's the only person that coach and that is worth for me. I've never been able to find a fault. Tireless work of a great guy. You will never find Billy Donovan after a loss ever say anything negative about a player. We will just talk about the team. Just talk about the concepts of what they have to do better, but he will never knock. An individual and in today's n ba world that's necessary. You wantto have harmony. Great chemistry. Great chemistry I've always said is when love and discipline come together. And that's exactly what Billy Donovan's all about. Great teacher, Great communicator. Great motivator, but it's not about Billy Donovan. It's about the team the last person to get credit. In this world will take credit. Billy Donovan. He will never take any credit at all. Hope it works in Chicago because AH Bulls franchise that's irrelevant is not great for the N B. A. It's obviously got a rich tradition and a great fan base and I really would like to see them get back to the point at which their relative but they they've made some Poor coaching hires reminds me a little bit of the the revolving door that Cleveland went through kept hiring all these guys that had never been head coaches before had very little head coaching experience and thinking that they were going to rewrite, rewrite the book and I say, go with the guy who has experience, especially when you're trying to pull your team out of the doldrums. It's after hours on CBS Sports Radio just wanted to share that little insight about Billy Donovan. He's it takes over as the head coach of the Bulls. We are. Let's say we're talking young stud NFL cubes, and I love the variety of answers. So that's been something that I've really enjoyed seeing.

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