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And I'm Dmitri sodas with the top stories we're following this hour more about the latest January 6th hearing that was late this morning and early this afternoon with testimony showing that former president Trump repeatedly ignored advisers calls to drop his claim that the 2020 election was stolen WTO's Mitchell Miller on Capitol Hill He tried to remain in office after the people had voted him out The chair of the committee congressman Benny Thompson who says members of the former president's inner circle testified they couldn't stop him from making claims with no basis in reality Attorney general Bill Barr testifying in a pre recorded video says following the avalanche of baseless allegations never yielded anything close to widespread voter fraud The early claims that I understood were completely bogus and silly and usually based on complete misinformation Still the committee says former president Trump persisted and ultimately raised hundreds of millions of dollars by making more misleading claims for fundraising On Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTO We are hearing new details this afternoon about last week's mass shooting outside Hagerstown where three people were killed Here's WTO's Kyle Cooper We now know the acute shooter 23 year old Joe esquivel as he was speeding away from the scene of the shooting Columbia machine ramdisk car into a Maryland state troopers car as he tried to get away Police say he also fired a handgun through his own windshield hitting one of the troopers The injured trooper has been identified as detective sergeant Phillip Martin he was treated to right after the incident last Thursday and released from a hospital esquivel has made an accord appearance and is being held without bond He faces 33 separate charges including three counts of first degree murder Kyle Cooper WTO news And esky veil's next scheduled court date is a preliminary hearing July 6th charges have been filed now in connection with last night's shooting death of a sheriff's deputy on Maryland's eastern shore while comico county deputy first class Glen Hilliard was shot as he was trying to arrest a fugitive wanted on felony warrants He accused shooter was later taken into custody Today's sheriff Mike Lewis anger was clear as he released that man's name He's 20 years old 20 years old He goes by the name I'm a share something with you His name is Austin Jacob Alan ALL in last name Davidson 20 year old man Davidson is charged with first and second degree murder and other offenses He's being held without bond The crimes he was wanted for include a probation violation burglary and destruction of property It was last month Boeing moved its headquarters into Northern Virginia which is now home to most of the country's biggest military contractors and today the company announced a new partnership with the state aimed at helping veterans succeed in their post military life All right how much fun is this Virginia governor Glen youngkin was all smiles as Boeing announced the center for veteran transition and military families which will be housed at Virginia tech's innovation campus The innovation campus was just an idea of many years ago and it is absolutely in Boeing fashion rocketing Into the future to make this big move with our veterans has deep meaning to Virginia tech Virginia tech president Tim sands says it'll help provide tools for veterans looking to move into tech fields They will have access to our programs with a to be certificates or master's degrees and they'll be project based learning In crystal city John dome in WTO news The house January 6th committee says president Trump former president now used claims of election fraud to raise hundreds of millions of dollars from supporters We'll talk more about that with CBS News congressional correspondent Scott macfarlane who is always all over January 6th Stay with us I was ashamed.

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