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Tim noth- designed numerous challenges including a flood plain. That had to be mitigated developers. Also had to go through water court to get the rights to construct forty acres of lakes at the heart of the project. Well timothy continuing to grow it's All of northern colorado is but that'll be fascinating to watch and see how that all all takes place One last text here Up on the talk eurotech sign. It's hard to watch. Athletes get paid buco box and they whine about a bruised finger but then teachers are asked to basically change the world but are making fractions of what athletes make. Something is right. And i okay. This argument has always Has been one that. I'm torn because yes i. I agree partially with you. But i also know that if i wanted to ministerial i could go get my teaching license in. Go do that but no matter how hard i tried. There's no way in hell. I could be in. You know a pro bowl quarterback. There's no way. I could go throw a ninety. Five mile per hour fastball. And be closer for the rockies. Who maybe i could be closer for the rockies. But that's just because they're terrible but i can go be a teacher. Yeah it's supply and demand on that side too. I get what you're saying. But how do we. How do we do that. How do we make it where it makes sense for us to pay. Our teachers more through privatize schools. I think that's where we're headed because look at what our insted look at. What's what what resurrection christians doing fighting the system and they might have some grounds to stay is stand now. I haven't heard and i need to. I need to follow up on this. What happened with him because the lamoure county health department gave him a monday deadline to get it in..

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