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Is the NFL. So everything starts and ends with the quarterback. But in this case that's a good conversation to have. But I was just saying to the guys a while ago. You know, last week, there was this thought leading into the game that Nick Mullins wasn't going to threaten downfield and then he comes out and right off the jump. He's hitting receivers on the second level. He's not drinking. He's not Duncan. He's not, captain. Check down heaps. He's looking for the guy that could get him positive yardage. And I believe you wrote about this that passes over 10 more yards. Moments was 10 to 15 for 169 yards. You know if he makes one or two more starts, I think that would be the extent of it, but in terms of his play and what that means going forward. You got a guy that's ready to operate this thing at its full capacity, not just be a just a caretaker out there. I don't think there's any question. Yeah, No, he's he knows the system and he made that great comment after the game against the Jets, he said. This is my fourth year. There are no excuses that he expects to play well. The 40. Niners expect him to play well, that that means the coaching staff and his team mates and I think the Giants went into this game, saying, Okay, let's let's stop the porting hours running game. We know that that's going to be done in a constant of what they're trying to do. Regardless of whose back there. Even if most starting Coleman are back there, they're still going to try to run the ball. And let's see what the small ones guy Khun Dio because I sure that even this coming week, you know that'll be kind of the thought process don't make make no more beat up, and I think the foreigners have a lot of confidence that If you do that, he'll beat you and the thing that kind of struck at kind of watching this game and GM and of the first half they dominated, but they didn't punch it in the end zone and at the end of the game for touchdown, when basically, I mean, that's that's what you would expect. If the 40 Niners had all of their players, and they were rolling 20 was a 27 point win, and to do that kind of Dominating performance That could have been a lot more than 28 had. They cashed in in the first half that had held up the plated Mullins. Sure, later in the game, he would've hit Ah, touchdown that came back because I think the defensive lineman greased up his helmet That's not called it out. Helmet just doesn't go flying off was a decisive, decisive win against a really bad team. But still a 27 point win in the NFL, regardless of who's playing, whom and and read, and when you take into consideration the number of backups and backups to backups, the 40 Niners had out there. It was just a really impressive Surgery. You know you Shanahan is just such a He's just a ruthless plate collar Me comes across so kind, nice and easy. No, he'll give you a thoughtful answer. And this and that, But then he is just So cut throat when he starts playing playing, you know, play calling. He forced the Giants to defend the full width of the field and clearly the tight end. Reid was a huge part of the game plan. And then when he went out dwelling You know became a huge part of the game plan. But he saw those huge bodies inside and said, You know what? I'm gonna I'm gonna make this team defend width of the field on we saw you can and makin and try to get to the edges and successfully do that. And it just really, really worked. I thought that was incredibly impressive. But I was saying to the guys I like the game plan of and he is funny because he said the opposite the post game, he said. I don't like long drives. To me long drives the 40 Niner. Defense is all right, you know, without me, even with the injuries, but they're better when they play 45 plays like they did in this game than they want are when they play 70. Six plays like they did in the Arizona game. I just think Ball control's the name of their game going forward. Yeah, And I think by the reason he says that it's because so many of his plays are are designed to take shots, and you know Lou in that game against the Jets, where they just came out, and the first play of the game is an 80 yard touchdown. You know, that's kind of how they draw it up. Assed faras. If everybody's accounted for if everybody makes the block and then most make somebody missed after Nate E R touchdown, Of course, it's Rarely going to be in a tr touchdown, because not every play is going to be executed at a level of profession, But yeah, he the way he builds his past plays and and even the run games. Uh, it's designed to Go the distance. And so that's probably why he's saying that is there doesn't necessarily want of 14 play 85 yard drive. He'd rather have. Ah, six play 80 hard drive, but Yeah, I think it's it's incumbent upon the defense to not be out there for all those snaps because you've got to get off the field on third downs, but I mean, they did about everything execution allies that they Could have wanted Teo. All right. Good stuff from Matty Naoko crew. COA's? Well, That's the rewind coming up next, on example of, unfortunately, why Sometimes the nice guys do finish last one classy coach one. Not so classy coach. That's next on the sports later. 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