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On the 8s, and when it breaks, to marry de pampa in the WTO traffic center. All righty, thanks Brennan and always thanks to TOP listeners keeping us updated. We'll start out on the Maryland side. Interstate travel has been doing okay. The inner loop is slow to go north 95 on the ramp or just before crash reported, so watch for any flashing lights, but once on 95 between the capitol beltway and the Baltimore belt we're doing okay. Listener Norma was traveling on one 17, and she's saying that clapper wrote both ways at wearing station. There is a crash, landing on both sides of the road so watch for possible police direction. Two 70 in Maryland doing well. We'll flip the coin into Virginia with our only wreck reported for sure on the beltway. It's the interleukin and el passing two 36 little river turnpike they were along the right side. You'll see flashing lights, but you're traveling should be open. 95 in Virginia, it's been volume running south, lorton across the Purple Heart bridge into woodbridge, and then in stretches slow southbound dumfries, south in Quantico, passing a choir on the brakes hard to get toward the courthouse road X at one 40. The crash is just beyond the one 40 X at about mile marker one three 9. It landed on both shoulders, drawing attention with the travelings open. Easy pass express, yes, they point southbound. They do drop you in before this crash would be prepared. You will have breaks there as well. Northbound volume delays on 95 since the express lanes are going in the southbound direction, but your slow through Fredericksburg, Stafford, again, you'll be slowed dumfries woodbridge newington, no incidents being reported. Ice is back at Gaylord national, enjoy a winter Wonderland featuring hand carved ice sculptures of holiday classic a

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