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And with president Bailey is a and I'm sure well aware of this everyday conversation Santa Fe needs housing, Los Alamos is hiring thousand people they have zero housing. You're gonna have scientists living in tents can Espanola economically develop and grow and prosper and have a more sustainable larger tax base by maybe building homes becoming part of that bedroom community. We'd love to see that absolutely feasible peaking in my notes. Yes. Absolutely. It's feasible. We're ready for business. We're ready to like I said shine and let this valley be the one hundred percent that it it's been that. It is. And hasn't been shown do you have? Have people in it's been ULA with land that would maybe make that land available sell it lease it to maybe multifamily more dense housing things like that for people in Santa Fe or people in Los Alamos day. Share do the only thing is right now. Like, I said, we're the city and the county are going through a new change leader. So let them get their bearings. But this. Absolutely. So we've already I've already kind of reached out who is chief lending officer for. So she is ready to land tons of money to people who want to develop housing is that possible that we wanna lend money to everyone anybody they can repay qualifies. And we are we are there to to lend into business development mortgages, really pers personal more than business. We do residential mortgages, and right, and we do have money to lend. Our mortgage department is really busy. We see a lot of because Zia is in Los Alamos. We have a branch and Espanola. So we see more purchases and look and Los Alamos than we do more refinances Spinella. So we'd like to turn that around. Absolutely. Right. Housing market. I Victor, what are we where do we go? I mean, what what are the easy steps kit say the low hanging fruit here where you can start to see, you know, make subtle changes. That are going to lead to bigger changes down the road. So I think our first thing is and some people have already kind of put some resistance, but we need to bring some tourism. We need to make some money. We need to get our local. You'd be surprised. It's it's it's the thing as know, we're very proud, cultural, rich community and so. Like Santa Fe. They don't wanna see Santa Fe dilute to what Santa Fe is now. And we want it. They were very they're very proud. And we're very proud of our history, and and our culture and our architecture and everything we have. So I think to kind of guide them guide us with that cultural aspect, but keeping it in the educational part of this is where to start that's one additives. That's the main. That's the other main key that I have is really changing the narrative the narrative is always been doggone Espanola make a joke about espionage. And you know, it's not funny anymore, and we're not we're not a heroin capital. We don't you know, we we acknowledge we have a problem. We know we need to fix it sodas any town in Connecticut sodas, Maryland sodas, anywhere else in the United States. Now. So people that it's changing the attitude of Espanola inside of this. Well, even inside right? We have to. Get people back into. I said my analogy is there's always been this dark cloud hovering. And now that all this change is happening with her leaders. It's it's finally breaking free. The sun's coming through. And you know, it's still a little nervous people aren't used to a change of something positive for themselves. And so we wanted push back with the president of the board of directors has been yelled chamber of commerce, and that Luhan and the executive director Victor Romario for the Spinola chamber of commerce coming up at three o'clock student from upward bound three thirty the trickster literary crew and four o'clock Lupe.

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