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To look like you know hetty lamar i know you hate it when i talk about over movies targets but she doesn't have to look like ava gardner she gets to look like an actual a woman who's angry really angry and a lot of people are telling me they relate to that an air case i told some by the other day it's the only one they didn't need makeup at eu level not out he's wonderful legit kind of an old hippie i love that anyway and then we've got these supporting roles and these are very interesting this year you've got allison janney and i tanya and then you've got this supporting actor which is definitely sam rockwell as the racist in three billboards of weird weird again this year is a strange well the icon your though was love woman allison reality warm as a matter of fact i really thought it was the mother did not bank that they all gave the leinster think she was so still so angry about having spent her life as a tiger mother trying to get her daughter the do all these things in a daughter rejected the mother was a mother showed no love at all no respect that all showed no satisfaction at all and when the kid finally could separate herself from the mother she did but it which then caused the mother to where where it is incompatible bormann it is and and that actress makes you believe she is the mother she really does that she doesn't try to be liked and it's wonderful when when real villains get a chance to win an oscar you know i remember trevor howard in the second version of mutiny on the bounty when i was a kid and i wanted to run up to the screen and you know he played captain bligh enormous law i love the audience realize that nobody.

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