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Good morning my name is candy Wagner and I've been a member partner First Presbyterian church for about fifteen years this morning I want to share a little bit with you about what I've learned about god and myself during his covert nineteen stay in shelter I have somewhat of a unique experience in that I actually had the virus on March twentieth thinking that I had bad allergies I went to my doctor to get checked out and found that I had all the symptoms of the corona virus he gave me a prescription for an inhaler tell me to get some Tylenol go get bad answer Questor myself next day I realized I did have a little bit more than allergies in during the next eight days with the help of my daughter and my family and my first press family he delivered everything I needed or wanted to my front doorstep I finally started feeling better soon after ten days I was pronounced negative little did I know that was the easy part of that because the nineteen virus even though I was pronounced well I was still considered high risk so my surprised her with the district is kind if I started feeling better it was starting to get to me to be a live alone in these four walls no pets nothing these four walls in me for starting to close in on each other I was liking this less and less and I realized that when Alexa and scenery and I were curing on a three way conversation that maybe something had to give but no matter how alone I felt god showed up in so many ways and I had another problem also I'm also prone to anxiety and panic attacks which didn't help much in this situation and the more anti at the king the more Christ got to work and it felt like the perfect storm is brewing out of no where perfect first would pop into my head when I look at Instagram to try to divert my attention a devotional book show up it would mean so much to me or it's coming and seeing the perfect calming him in my head if I fall in a hole with no one to talk to cover drop me a rope in the guise of a friendly phone call or someone dropping off a surprise on my front porch he was always there he also had an army with him my family not only my own family but my first press family we do without that family and there's a one more thing that I realized through all of this is that was randomly reading Bible verses the word plan kept popping up god doesn't do anything by accident in this crisis is no accident either god has a plan and I could feel it is easily as I can feel the Holy Spirit moving among all of us maybe god gave us this time to get ready as Bob said in a sermon a couple weeks ago and he was quoting first Peter about always being prepared to make a defense to anyone asking for a reason for the hope that is in you well god gave me lots of hope please tell me I'm never alone he'll always take care of me he'll always throw me a rope and he has a plan and I need to be ready for that I need to be ready to boldly so my love for Christ and for one another hand for this city maybe we were made for a time such as this remember stay safe stay well where your mask and relish the hope we have in our growth in Christ let's see founded in eighteen forty six and broadcasting on W. O. A. R. radio since nineteen twenty two this is the worship service of First Presbyterian Church San Antonio loving Christ loving one another and loving the city with the sermon the Reverend Dr Bob fuller good morning for a couple Sundays now we've been talking about the witnesses to the resurrection these are the people who saw the risen Christ and to share their stories with the world as we talked about a couple of weeks ago a witness is someone who sees something who knows something and then says something the risen Christ revealed himself then and he continues to show up to people today but how does Christ shows himself to us now today we're going to read a story about two disciples who met the risen Christ and then shared that story with the other disciples so that we can do about it today as we read this passage gods word is going to tell us how Jesus showed himself to those disciples back van and how he continues to reveal himself now so let's turn to Luke chapter twenty four that very day two of them are going to a village named MAS about seven miles from Jerusalem and they were talking with each other about all these things that it happened while they were talking and discussing together Jesus himself drew near and went with them but their eyes were kept from recognizing him the grass withers and the flower fades but the word of our god endures for ever let us pray eagle award for your servants are listening and may the words of my mouth and the meditations of our hearts be holy and acceptable to you oh lord our rock and our redeemer for it is in the name of your sign our precious lord and savior Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit that we pray all man so why am I preaching you from my home today instead of from the sanctuary or Westminster hall well about ten days ago my wife Morgan and I were tested positive for exposure to the corona virus I'll confess to you now that I've tried to carry myself with confidence and courage in public but there have been some dark and scary moments wondering if at any time the virus might latch on and become a problem either for me or for my family my greatest fear however has always been and that I would somehow inadvertently pass the virus on to someone much more vulnerable one of the precious people in our church or in my neighborhood I mean as a pastor I crossed paths with lots of people who are in that real health risks dangers on there been moments at which I've not been at my best in this season moments that I've not been proud moments of fear.

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