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With my wife and I and she's like drive safe where you see value all you can still you love they love you and then some like this happens in this thing for a walk yes it is things that was rear ended in this case let's get more on the closure from I can't extend somebody's Brian Douglas southbound side of the six so five completely shut down at valley due to this this truck that's on its side at least the trailer and we know that it carries a limestone power the trailer does so that'll make things a little bit easier in the operating process it's still on its side the fuel spill from the cab itself is in the process of being cleaned up there shooting for seven o'clock I don't know about that and it's really because it's a big mess south six oh five you're often valley Durfee pack Rozier alternates they are starting to get heavy you can even use point takedown to workman mill as an alternate that will work for you as well Dick picking the other issue today the possibility a brush fire full tungle these simple the pass and here is John Baird. it's nice outside at the moment kind of cool actually but we know what's coming the mercury will start to climb today some areas will get into triple digits the Santa Anas will start to whip through and the humidity is already low so that brush that brown fuel on the hillsides could go up in flames in a hurry critical fire alerts have been issued for LA and Ventura counties captain Eric Scott as with LA city fire he's confident though that firefighters will stay on top of things we certainly watching this upcoming first I think in a in a wind of that that we expected peak on Tuesday and we expect to be able to handle the fires as they come the winds will be brief lasting through tomorrow morning but they will certainly add to the danger still no red flag warnings yet meaning LA officials cannot move the homeless out of camps that are in areas of increased fire danger live in the support over the past John Baird K. in acts ten seventy newsradio well when you talk about wins in the fire now we're gonna talk about the power because tens of thousands of people here in southern California or at risk of having their power cut off just as a precaution we'll tell you more coming up right after traffic it's six of the traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives and here's dozens all got to stay away from the city of industry on the southbound side of the six so five gonna be forced off the freeway valley if you don that's gonna really up put a damper on your Tuesday morning all this because that overturned tanker truck we estimate was about another hour to re open at least some planes will see if a siege begin hold that a lot of times they have to extend these really complicated Sir looks but the backup champ come away from lower reserves a two ways to get around the southbound Peck Roger fewer of those are starting to kind of busy south one day if you're coming away from the tent out of west Covina that's going to be the inside track there this is affecting the westbound him because you're southbound connected to that seven six oh five shut down so that's why it's extra heavy from Azusa getting the six oh five it stays pretty rough getting into el Monte anyway Bobby on that west bound side of the sixty out of Chino kind. heavy towards the sixty fifty seven but been considerably better out of industry just a model late getting to the a six oh five let's get down to Long Beach Brian has the four five champion got a bad crash south for all five right at the Orange County lines right before the six so five carpal left lane taken away with this we've got some injuries one person on the ground it's big delay starting about yourself outside to load up that would trip hello thirty if you want to use willow street take that to the six oh five then take that south that's a way around and the San Fernando Valley start to wake up this morning southbound four five now Sherman way starting a pretty clock to just about Skirball center looks like southbound support is still going to help you at this point west outside of the two ten a town clearing the two right lanes of a motorcycle crash your love to have you on the brakes are about haven another rough stretch are getting worse by the minute from sunflower getting through the six oh five I looks like to just about Huntington Dr before that one checks for any other may have out there we.

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