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More of your calls in a minute. You listening. Live to Stephen ESPN radio ESPN news. By the way, if you missed today's opening segment, go check it out on demand in the Stephen Smith podcast brought to you by Capital, One capital. One is reimagining banking ordering accounts with no fees. Minimums, that can be open at five minutes, Capital, One. Hey, hey, what's your wallet Capital, One NA member FDIC? Guess what? You're in the middle of a Stephen Smith show podcast, debit. ESPN radio recognizes national military appreciation month brought to you by the navy. Federal Credit Union proudly serving the armed forces, the DOD veterans and their families over eighty years. Federally insured by NC UA. Let's go to Cerro alive. Stephen a real quick. Go ahead. Hey, this is this is Roe v. Cleveland. I just got two quick takes first time caller, first time talking to you. You're I hit, and I love your your radio. So anyway, I take is. My thing on Craig Thomson. I've been watching basketball to age of twelve and that's going on thirty five years, and I don't think in recent memory and the reason is I've ever seen a player that has been railroaded in my opinion. More than Klay Thompson number say back to LA situation. I take I do believe what you said that. What Koby said about the Lakers that he had absolutely nothing to do it. That I truly believe that and take this out of the equation, take the Brian and his agent completely equation. I've been watching this just as, you know, unfolding just as you guys, you know, been on his show. I gotta go. I gotta go out. Hang we're running out of time because you said you were going to be quick, but you spent too much time. He didn't get to your points. Quick enough. I got your point about Kobe. I got your point about obviously, what everything else, you said, I gotta go our number two up next test that Dow, Stephen Smith show coming right back at you.

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