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Two hundred yards from scrimmage for Zeke. And this late Vander, h I'll tell you what it's amazing. There was a tip interception into his hands. The ball went off of the hands of the wide receiver. Everybody thought Dallas was gonna pick and Calvin Ridley instead they chose late and van direction. What a pick that appears to be for Dallas. Amazing. How things work out three point win for Dallas yesterday in Atlanta, Atlanta's now foreign six the Cowboys are sitting there at five and five they have a shot at the division and five and five with Seattle. They've got a shot at a wild card right now with six games to go. Go figure that. In wall. I said about golden Tate. That it takes so much to get ready for a game to be thrown into the mix and perform the way that you can perform it's very rare to do it certainly on offense. But Khalil Mack is one of those plug and play players you put your hand in the dirt. And you go hunt. He did it to Aaron Rodgers on opening night. He's done it while he's been healthy all year and then last night on Sunday night football when the bears had an opportunity to show the country that they are for real by taking a game and a half lead on the Minnesota Vikings in their division by taking a two and a half game lead on the Green Bay Packers in their division. They went ahead and did it and the guy who changed the tide with less than a minute to go in the first quarter. When the Vikings were driving Dallas and cook was running towards the line of scrimmage was Khalil Mack. Who made the tackle forced the fumble and recovered it? So instead of the Vikings time the game or going ahead at the end of the first quarter. It changed the entire tenor of the game. And the way that he plays in the amount of tension that he requires opens up everything else. For everybody else on that line. And in that defense. He is a revelation and Kirk cousins is as we've now seen here in Minnesota. So far in two thousand eighteen he is who he thought he was which is a guy who can light up the opponent on offense. A guy who can make some throws and a guy that you can depend on to win some football games. But to win the game to make the difference to be the guy to take the team further than they did the year before that's what he needed to do. He needed to at least take his team to a seven nothing lead in the NFC championship game to match what the Vikings did last year. For him to throw that pick six last night is not acceptable. It really is the word, and I'm sure he would say the same damn thing. But when with the team playing the way they did last night being held to just two field goals for the lion share of the game. And then to get the ball back deepen his own end meeting. Touchdown in a two point conversion to tie the game because the bears are peer to be going for two points. Like they're playing video game. Matt Nagy is one of those proverbial eight year old kids hopped up on a bag it skills playing that in dialup pointers and parkey was shaky last week true. But when it all came down and they needed one field goal or to go for it on fourth and four he sent his field goal kicker out. And he nailed it. He knows that each time. But cousins is just that is just a patently. Disappointing performance from him last night stat line looks great. They lit it up when the prevent defense ran out on the field and he needed to go. Hurry up which took care of the pass rush quite a bit. Put it all together, his stats wound up being just fine with stat line, with the exception of those two interceptions was just not acceptable, the interceptions are not acceptable. What you need to do. Is you need to go into Chicago and take care of business and win the division..

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