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Workout and the standalone studios where you can receive a oneonone coaching service and if you wonder what that looks like it could be if you think about it nba game or maybe a baseball game where trainer is cutting out on the quarter on a field it kinda looked like bad you know someone in helping attraction turned how the services are becoming very popular what's it do for you i say athletically or medically well that's a great question i wrote in a story expert you really do not agree on what trekking does for you to there is some evidence that it can certainly help you make it make him a flexible but then the question is to really applicable to you really need to be um there's not much evidence that it help enhanced performance in fact there is some evidence that it can i heard it and things like printing and enter the support so it it quite muddled surprisingly fto um you know some people say they they don't care it kills good to trap and down maybe it helps them stand up trader or move easier and if that's the case then then great we're speaking with wall street journal reporter rachel bachman her piece is called stretching is the hot new workout what are people actually having stretched is the mostly legs it could be almost anything i mean any hold joint tendon anything that can payton up you can you can pretty much have threat might i spoke at one man who run marathon and he has his hamstring stretched among other things and he really we feel strongly that having stretching done once a week at a studio in benaco quanye helped him um prevent a recurring hamstring injury and um you know who knows it it it it is possible that that helped him and um certainly there is something to the people fact if you really really leave something work it can actually help you feel better some time and like i say sometimes about this stuff i mean so what if it's psychological have if you like it good yeah that that that is sort of the um the neverending kind of can under a more interesting thing about a lot of things that people do that the queen there are a number of things that that there isn't a ton of evidence for but people dole whereby it because they feel like it.

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