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The hall. All the coolest parties are the ones that you have to attend right. Tyler. I'm curious, hear what you think. I, I mean, this is dumb. This. And you know the thing about how dumb it is that it's an NFL specific, a football specific type of dumb. Everything that's ingrained into the culture. Formatting football within America is mostly dumb. And so of course, the football truest fans, a lot of them are gonna be like, of course, you people should be forced to show up for an award. We barely wanna give you. Okay. Dog that's cool, right? So let's side on the other side of this is that the hall actually believes what they're doing, isn't the most ludicrous thing ever Terrell Owens one of the most disrespected athletes. We've seen across sports in the last maybe twenty years or so. He has some actual real gripes with the way that he has been treated. The people who are actually treating him this way, and the majority of white writers who have been writing about him as if he's subhuman, because that's exactly what we think of football to begin within the players in the pro seats there. And so if that's always been the case, this should absolutely make sense from the system of football. That's always been this whole tra- conservative vehicle of of crap. Right? We know it's dome they know it's dumb. But it, oh, probably still pass and still be dumb. I agree with you. I think it is dumb. I was surprised that they sort of didn't have the self awareness to not do this and put that idea in a box to never be spoken of. Again, it was another opportunity that was seized quickly to make an example of Teo. Now I know the NFL and pro football hall of Famer technically separate entities, but the board of the hall is made up of plenty of NFL connected folks. And it's just another example of the NFL creating a stupid controversy and not coincidentally. In fact, there's an African American athlete whose outspoken at the center of the controversy. I hope you guys are both sitting down for this one because my name is northern theology, and I believe in the two thousand eighteen Cleveland Browns. So I would say that I'm on the bandwagon, but that is the wrong vehicular metaphor to us. I believe in the Browns for one reason and it is because of an RV, the Browns quarterback. So that's Baker Mayfield. Tyrod Taylor drew Stanton and Brogan Robak are sharing an RV as a sort of clubhouse during training camp. It is for quarterbacks only Mayfield was in charge of procuring the RV before camp and Robak as the guy who's last on the depth chart fluffed the pillows, any stocks, the fridge with healthy snacks recommended by the team nutritionist. His idea of pop tarts was turned down. So that tells me that Cleveland's got a well rested well-fed group at the most important position on the field. And I think what more could you ask for now you might say receiver help, but I'm choosing not to think about that right now besides Mayfield look great in the first preseason game, and we all know how much that means..

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