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Oh my gosh. I'm gonna get kicked out of his class. I'm gonna disappoint him so much by then. We liked him so much that we didn't want to disappoint him. So i talked to my buddy from high school and a couple of other people and they were like oh man. We got kind of blown away on that. It's so surprising because those should have been easy problems in yet. We froze on the test. So i thought well at least it's not just me right so when he came back in during our next class with the graded tasks are very first test in this wonderful experimental class that he was so excited about. He did not look excited. I couldn't tell at least. Is he really mad. Is he really sad. Is he going to start yelling. The the veins in his macaroni temples. They they bulging or is he going to start crying. You know what is going on but we could tell that something was really bothering him so he came in and he sort of dropped the stack of papers on his desk again. It was hard to tell. Is he mad. And he was thrown them down or was he sat and just have exasperation. Let them drop or what was going on in so he just kind of looked at us he just looked around us. And we're like oh man. This is not a good sign because see normally came in full of life and with in-fighting remarks and so to get us all awake and excited and ready for the next class but he would just looking around at us and we're trying to read his face and not least. I wasn't totally able to do that. Except that i knew something was amiss and so he said finally start talking and he said this is not working. Okay well not telling me much more. Where's he in. Which direction is gonna go in here with this. So he said you know what he you. All are the cream of the crop..

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