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Of the things happening on this super Tuesday on the democratic side of the aisle here's USA radio networks robin Rollins key big name Democrats who dropped out of the race backing Joe Biden ahead of super Tuesday Amy Klobuchar calling it quits in over the weekend billionaire businessman Tim Steiner and mayor Pete dropping out all three now backing the former vice president I talked to my update ends and may call the trial former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg campaigning in Virginia wishing them all well as he gears up for super Tuesday and I wish them all the best and I felt sorry for them but I'm in it to win it Bloomberg senior national campaign adviser Sabrina saying telling fox news I really believe that Mike has a path here turning back to one of our other top stories Tennessee officials are urging Nashville area residents to stay off the roads if possible as crews respond to the damage from this morning's tornadoes Nashville mayor John Cooper says last night was a reminder of just how fragile life is that a moment that event can show up and make us all too painfully aware of this this morning's tonight devastated our community Tennessee governor bill Lee has one request for Tennesseans I encourage all of you to to pray for the families across our state that are facing tragedy right now and then dealing with heartache and hardship for USA radio news I'm Tim Berg attention homeowners do you have a house various repairs you have tenants that never seem to make their monthly payments about code violations.

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