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I'm Stephanie Davis for W. W. chain newsradio nine fifty accu weather is calling full gave no rain possible early this morning along with areas of fog temptress generally steady in the mid to upper thirties a complete accu weather forecast is coming up thank you man fans it is thirty seven degrees and foggy out at the airport we are under that dense fog advisory now until eight AM later this morning from the National Weather Service on just about twenty minutes ago the fall could get dance in some spots leading to low visibility this morning stay with news radio nine fifty as we continue to follow this story W. W. J. news time three oh seven with global concern rising over the spread of the so called corona virus which originated in China there is now word of three Michigan patient cases that have been submitted to the U. S. centers for disease control and prevention for testing the news involves two patients from Washtenaw county and one from Macomb county all three individuals reportedly having traveled recently to China Lynn Safin is with the Michigan department of health and Human Services you know these things are happening quite rapidly but we have not had any confirmation there are only two known cases in the US at this time on a we are just urging individuals you know not to panic not to concern themselves on most of this is due to you know international travel to China so if you have not traveled there you know the likelihood of you getting this particular diseases corona virus you know CDC is saying quite low somethin saying the hope is to have test results back from the CDC within a few days so far there are only two confirmed cases of the corona virus in the United States but the number of cases around the world is climb sharply to more than eight hundred fifty John Hewitt W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty W. W. J. news time three oh eight whether together every ten minutes on the aids from the idol Dumbledore group traffic center brought to you this hour by B. M. W. of Rochester hills and o'neill Stevens what you're watching they're still watching that fox Stephanie this time out through those Tripoli jam cams we've found slow travel in the Farmington hills area cellphone eight to seventy five the connector there it I six ninety six the Novi area that interchange slowed also on M. fourteen through Plymouth that's the importing interchange to I two seventy five again and also by metro airport north and south I two seventy five it your Rico road allow for time and with that dense fog it's also affecting north of the city we only have one closer that's from an earlier crash last night actually it's affecting northbound I. seventy five it's still closed at your Rico road I'm sorry at US twenty four telegraph that's where it's close northbound seventy five US twenty four telegraph exit thirty five remains closed so continue north to exit thirty six Eureka you can head west on telegraph and then use speech delete or Rocco roads between Rican Pennsylvania to get around that closure will keep you updated another update in less than ten minutes make sure you follow us on Twitter at W..

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