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To launch his fall down. I wouldn't say necessarily that the go wrong in a sense. Yes you can have. A launched. doesn't work out the way that you wanted to. But i think what you're speaking to is that a lot of craters they'll have a successful launch and then after the dust settles to try to figure out okay what next and the wet next typically becomes well. I'm just going to do at work last time and so three months later six months later they relaunched the same program or they try to come up with something new and they do yet another launch. Because why reinvent the wheel but the challenge with that is that basically. You're not leveraging automation and your business can only grow so far. When you're not leveraging automation. I mean one of the benefits of technology and the ability to have automated tools such as email platforms. Crm's is that you can perfect your marketing and continued to polish it. And make it better and have people go through on an automated basis so you can leverage that technology to automate your messaging to your marketplace. Automation can come in the form of the ads that you put out on facebook or google. You can split test these and get feedback on what's working and what's not and leverage that and so twenty four seven three sixty five. Your ads could be out in front of the marketplace. Same thing with an epic blog posts are really powerful piece of content. Once you've created it it is bringing you new targeted interested prospects day after day. Hopefully so when you are only relying on lunch is one that is your primary method for client acquisition. You are spending the significant portion of your calendar year not bringing in new clients. And that's a real problem. Your revenue becomes very hit or miss. I call it. The roller coaster revenue cycle. It's great when his up but when it's down it's really down and that's a really tough way for you to do business. Planning when your revenue is really really sporadic. How are you going to scale and grow your team. When you're revenue. Looks like an ekg meter up and down up and down up and down so automating your marketing message also gives you the ability to do things like split tests and to be able to leverage things that you learn. Oh this headline works better than that headline or if we put in these testimonies instead of these testimonials what if you try to webinar versus an email series testing out these various different things. Eventually you're going to hit on things which have been lift in conversion and then from that point on get to leverage that day after day after day. So you have this faster feedback loop. It's sort of like one of my favorite books. The lean startup one of the key. Things is how quickly can you learn so with a launch. Certainly you can have a split test during launch but whatever you might learn during that launch even if you're split testing successful in you learn something powerful. You're not going to get to utilize that information that learning until the next time that you do that launch. So you're forcing yourself to learn and grow at a much slower pace so really it comes down to automation and speed of learning. And you're just really restricting your growth in your ability to scale when you're only method or your primary method for client acquisition or launches. It's funny. I thought when i asked the question of where your launches would fall down is when you don't spend enough time figuring out if there's a need for your product service or your marketing product that's dead on arrival. He put all your marketing budget. Your time your efforts into something. That's not gonna work. And then the launch. She is dead and in reality. You're launch might be successful. But if you're not thinking about building in sustainability into your marketing efforts you're gonna see this hopefully incredible rise to prominence in notoriety but then the inevitable crash when you're not doing your launch activity so we're gonna talk a little bit more tomorrow about how to build more sustainability by monetize your evergreen content and that wraps up this episode of the mar tech podcast. Thanks for listening to my conversation with jack born founder and ceo of deadline funnel. If you'd like to hear more of jack and deadline funnels tips to effectively automating. The creator business. We're going to publish an episode every day this week so hit the subscribe button on your podcast app. I'm we'll be back in your feed tomorrow morning when we talk about monetize in evergreen content if he can't wait until our next episode and you'd like to get in touch with jack you could find the link to his linked in profile in our show notes. You can contact him on twitter where his handle is deadline funnel. Da d. l. i. n. e. f. u. n. e. l. or. You could visit his company's website. Which has deadline funnel dot com. Just one more lincoln. Our show notes. I'd like to tell you about if you didn't have a chance to take notes while you're listening to this podcast head of mar tech pod dot com where we have summaries of all of our episodes and contact information for our guests. You can also subscribe to our once a week newsletter and you can even send us your and you can even send us your topic suggestions where your marketing questions which will answer live on our show. Of course you can always reach out on. Social media are handle is mar pod. Marta chp od on linked in twitter. Instagram and facebook. Or you can contact me directly. My handle is benjy shop. B and j sha p. and if you haven't subscribed yet and you wanna daily stream of marketing and technology knowledge in your podcast feed. We're to publish an episode every day this year so the subscribe button on your podcast app and we'll be back in your feed tomorrow morning. All right that's it for today but until next time my advice is.

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