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Jesse Bates, he leaves the Bengals joins the falcons four years, $65 million, chiefs inking tackle juwan Taylor four years, 80 million, 60 million of that is guaranteed. The bears very active signing guard Nate Davis and linebacker tremaine Edmonds. Elsewhere Broncos give former niner Mike mcglinchy a 5 year 87 and a half $1 million contract, the niners signing defensive tackle javon hargrave massive four year $84 million deal 40 million guaranteed and quarterback Sam darnold gets a one year deal from San Fran. In other moves, the Giants have signed former colts linebacker Bobby four years and $40 million dolphins signing former jets quarterback Mike white, the bills bringing in former jet center Conor mcgovern, while the commanders sign offensive lineman Andrew Wiley and Nick Gates, the Aaron Rodgers saga continues, no resolution yet, the four time NFL MVP yet to publicly say whether he will retire or accept a trade from the packers to the New York Jets. Serious reports, though, are saying that a deal will get done with multiple New York Jets players celebrating on Twitter. I'm Dan Schwartzman, that's your Bloomberg world news and sports update, Brian. All right, thanks very much, Dan, the ebb and flow of geopolitical relations. That's something that we'll be discussing here with Stephen engel, Bloomberg's chief north Asia TV correspondent. On the one hand, we have President Biden planning to hold a phone call with Chinese president Xi Jinping. That's at least according to U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan. On the other hand, we also had president Xi taking a slightly softer tone toward Taiwan. Yesterday at the closing of the NPC and we also had Chinese Premier Li xiang, talking about trying to get foreign investors back back into China. So Stephen, what's going on here? We've been seeing a little bit of churn here in geopolitics. Yeah, I mean, look, the national People's Congress was, there was a lot of rhetoric, anti U.S. rhetoric at the national people's congruous, the annual session of parliament. But it's playing mostly to a domestic audience. And there is a boogeyman in the United

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