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Make it to the U. S. Nancy McEldowney says There are many factors. Including natural disasters, She's national security advisor to the vice president. Many people have been pushed into poverty. They're facing food insecurity. They've been displaced from their homes that were destroyed. Covid has just ravaged many of the rural communities. Harris is also meeting with civil society leaders. This is appointed effort to amplify their work to improve Guatemala from the inside, which can put them at odds with the government. Harris travels to Mexico tomorrow for similar talks. Tamara Keith NPR NEWS Guatemala CITY President Biden will meet West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito at the White House again today for more discussions about reaching compromise on an enormous infrastructure bill. Capital is leading negotiations for Senate Republicans. Biden and the Republicans remain hundreds of billions of dollars apart in how much they want to spend on a bill. Democratic Senator Ben Cardin of Marlin says Democrats and Republicans have key disagreements. It's the type of infrastructure the size of the infrastructure how it's paid for. These are all areas where we are not. We're wide apart. We haven't reached an agreement yet, but I'm hopeful that we'll be able to find a bridge to get us together. He spoke to NPR's morning edition. Stocks opened flat this morning as investors await news on inflation. Later this week. NPR's Scott Horsley reports. The Dow Jones Industrial Average show little Change in early trading. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says she expects higher than usual inflation rates will continue through the end of this year. But she still believes that's a temporary phenomenon driven in part by supply bottlenecks as the U. S. Economy quickly ramps up Consumer prices in April were 4.2% higher than they were a year ago. Early in the pandemic. The Labor Department will report on May's consumer price index on Thursday. Yellen addressed inflation concerns after a meeting of G seven finance ministers in London, they agreed to pursue a minimum 15% tax on multinational corporations. That idea goes before the larger G 20 Group of countries later this summer. Scott Horsley. NPR NEWS Washington It's going to be hot in parts of the upper Plains, the Midwest and the Northeast. Today, the National Weather Service has declared heat advisories in several states, including those along the Canadian border. It could reach almost 100 degrees in parts of South Dakota today, as well as in Maine. On Wall Street, The Dow Jones industrial average is now down 22 points at 34,733. The NASDAQ is down 10. This is NPR. Live from KQED News. I'm Brian White Transit agencies across the Bay Area are lending support to Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority workers this week, providing buses and drivers to help with staffing needs. In a tweet Vita, officials said. Funerals for some of the nine slain Veta workers who were killed in the mass shooting over a week ago began Friday and are scheduled to carry on through tomorrow. This is having an impact on service. San Francisco's Mu NI is sending 20 bus drivers and 10 buses a day and will help until at least the end of June. Noel Villamil is, um, uni driver. Regardless of what agency where we're at. You know where still in transit. You know, we have to look at each other as a kinship as a family. A C Transit. Sam Trans and Santa Cruz Metro are also providing drivers and buses. The oldest male chimp at any accredited Northern American zoo died over the weekend at the San Francisco Zoo, the executive director of the San Francisco Zoological Society, said Cobby was a charismatic and compassionate leader of the zoo's chimpanzee troop. He was 63 years old and had been at the zoo since the 19 sixties. Chimpanzees are among the most at risk primates in Africa because of habitat loss and disease. In sports. Both Bay Area baseball teams lost yesterday against teams they'd beaten Friday and Saturday, the Giants lost to the Cubs, 4 to 3 at Oracle Park, the A's lost in Colorado to the Rockies. 321. The A's and Giants still lead their divisions. The Giants have the best record in the National League. I'm Brian White KQED news. Support comes from Cal performances at home streaming Alvin Ailey's American Dance Theater. June 10th at cal performances.

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