CEO, Five Hundred Dollars discussed on Del Walmsley Radio Show


Yeah i didn't speak english and i i was so antisocial i'm so shy a lot of us are like this a lot of entrepreneurs like they feel like they have to go out and talk real fast and shake everybody's hands i wasn't like that and i like to be able to measure things and i knew i was good at math invasion of course but when i was in second and third grade i saw that the snack shack only had two or three kinds of snacks so i would go down to the local pharmacy or drugstore whatever and buy lots of stuff and i would sell now and laters it was like the great valid strawberry banana flavored now and laters and i would buy them at five cents and i would sell them at seven and so i did arbitrage and i grew that larger and larger and then i had to use it at little database and back then it was loaded onetwothree because there wasn't windows and excel and people would start to take loans from me i had some mentors and imagine you're me you're just some kid you're selling things from dormitory you're selling five hundred dollars day worth of stuff which got all the other kids pissed off and then you're thinking how do i scale my business i got to be able to teach other people i've got to be able to expand the amount of shopping that i can do and i realized that mentorship was actually the key because i knew how to get good grades i was on full scholarship i ran track and field d one that kind of thing but the thing that i was missing which i think entrepreneurs need to realize you're so busy in the execution day to day try and optimize your business with the traffic ppc whatever it is that you forget the people side and it wasn't until i got al casey who is the ceo of american airlines he took me aside this let me open some opportunities for you let me introduce you to the ceo of.

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