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Forward slash R. J. Berman will start the NBA will start with the game of the night box and wizards in DC they needed overtime out of adults at all but we had over three football but now takes the three Middleton one thirty five to one thirty two my mom right stole the whole assessment out there at the top that's Ted Davis on the books radio network Chris Middleton prompted forty Bucks beat the wizards in overtime one thirty seven one thirty four Bradley Beal in the loss fifty five puts up more than fifty for a second consecutive ninety Bucks or forty nine and eight hi elsewhere German beer tonight forty nine points fourteen rebounds Sixers beat the hawks one twenty nine one twelve Cavaliers over the heat in overtime one twenty five one nineteen Kevin Porter at thirty four Cleveland one hundred twenty five clippers beat the Grizzlies one twenty four ninety seven meanwhile Timberwolves and Mavericks in Dallas the left side nobody picks him up when he walks in with you can't just let it do that the Mavericks that's their biggest lead of the night Chuck Pristina the man's radio network it's a win for Dallas one thirty nine one twenty three sons of the jazz one thirty one one eleven rockets beat the next one twenty three one twelve and the magic come from nineteen down of the second half to beat the nets of Brooklyn one fifteen one thirteen the new AP top twenty five poll is out there's a new number one team it's Kansas they took over the top spot after ending Baylor's twenty three game winning streak Baylor to Gonzaga three day for San Diego state five as for kids as they were in action Monday night they beat Oklahoma state eighty three fifty eight upset number twenty West Virginia goes on the road and loses at Texas sixty seven fifty seven the ACC number six Florida state beat number eleven Louisville eighty two sixty seven well the ice just one day Monday night blue jackets beat the senators in overtime forty three there were plenty of trades at the deadline Patrick Marleau goes from San Jose to Pittsburgh Panthers deal than central check to the hurricanes Sami Vatanen goes from the devils to the hurricanes islanders acquire JG Pageau from the senator's Andreas Athanasiou you goes from Detroit to Edmonton I'm J. Berman Hey it's tiki barber be sure to listen to CBS sports radio on the go download the radio dot com app and favorite CBS sports radio today only around thirteen hundred on your A. M. Dio on the internet at X. T. already supports thirteen hundred dot com this is extra sports thirteen hundred he's controversial I'm already guessing what some of the reaction is going to be a he's confrontational you're questioning the substance of the messages what you're doing right now yes you are he's unflappable I don't care Andrew Filippone and this is the Pony Express on CBS sports radio dad it's really a pleasure to be in this time slot blot of affiliates picked the show up in this time and this is not a permanent.

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