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After after the cnn. Stuff noriega give you maybe two three solid albums just the other stuff After like after he put up thumb. Nothing what else is there because they win reggae tone for two albums and he was just doing stuff i mean. That's the way i feel about fat. Joe i don't just fat. Joe have solid twenty when i when i look at a lot of these verses like it really is calling into question to me like my my hip hop knowledge or whatever because i use it. I can't i can't think of a a solid twenty really for either of them. And i think the only difference between i want to say the only difference. 'cause 'cause bays is clearly more lyrical but being vases so gangster. He don't make radio songs. He'll make clyde songs he just he makes shit that you listen to in your car or you know at home if you in a move or whatever he don't make club hits in nori does have enough personnel Way more personality. I think nobody will win verses because especially when. You're doing it on camera. I you gotta have the personality to to pull it off. Like the the jada verses fab joint think zeta hey away more personality. Ain't he got stupid drunk like halfway through so it was used as room for him because he was having fun. And it was funny shit but Ambae's never going to do that. He just don't. It might be back to the masculinity he just don't have that i gonna put on a show. I don't know. I never been to a beans show. Maybe he does put on a show on stage. I just don't see like nori went in like that whole interview on the breakfast club of him. I bateman beans into this battle is hilarious. Mb's would never respond in a way that would match the showmanship that right right. Yeah i don't think so either. I think i think the thing for shows like i think it's when people start picking versus. I know that they not picking their equal right like is somebody being like. Oh i should. I'm good enough as this person. There's always somebody who's like super delusional. Like i should go up against this person. I know you. You have three radio zones right and i hasn't been on the radio since i was a child like no man. No you should go up against them at all or they dropped. They didn't drive three number one songs in the year. Life for the last ten years. Don't not going up against them and knock it off Yeah but like you said the same way like he's not really with all the raw stuff. He just either bikes. Put up the bag. I'll show up. They might like more more or less. Somebody did that the other day was telling me. Oh the i guess it's a concert. There's some type of tour speaking uh styles but like there's a locks in dips tour happening and they're like other town. You should come see and that was in my head like would we rather see the lots versus say in verses. Do we still want to see the dips at versus g unit. Message does that make sense man. That's i hadn't even heard that one No i don't know like i've i've really become to come to appreciate Can you think of his name on the side of the capitol. What is the jim jones. Jim jones really come to appreciate jim. Jones is ability. You know lyrically just recently but we knew when it dips it was first popping off to me like he was the weakest link and i who is g unit anymore anyway. By would he be fifty in in They not gonna let young book back in in the crew..

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