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Obviously, I was with you in terms of the fight itself, obviously incredibly back and forth. What volk did with the defense of wrestling to kind of keep Islam at bay, but with what Islam was able to do with his striking to kind of really take the fight to volkanovski, both fighters showed elements of their game that we knew were there going into the fight, but we really knew how to be displayed, and they displayed it tenfold. So I think sure Islam did enough to get his hand raised. You could call him the number one fighter in the world as far as little pound for pound argument. That whole thing, by the way, the pound for pound argument was at one point, especially us working to combat sports media. At what point it was like really fun. And now it's all like God. It's almost like you dread it because now it's like not even fun to debate anymore because there's so many little there's so many there's so many variables and deciding factors. You're like, what are we even talking about here anymore? What's the criteria? But if you're just going off a straight eye test, if you want to go off a resume and accomplishment, Islam won the fight, he should be number one. It should be number one. But on my eyes, there is to my eyes and I know to a lot of the eyes of a lot of other people who watch this sport who consume the sport. There is not a better fighter on earth today as far as the well rounded skill set and the ability to adapt to any situation at two different way classes now than Alexander volkanovski. Yeah, I think we're seeing a fighter. I think he's the skilled fighter and mixed martial arts. I have to see John. And we'll get to that momentarily right, because that's the second division. And he's the best guy the best ever do it. Yeah. And I'm not discounting him. You can't being the greatest fighter I've ever seen. So I still agree with that. Even with volk, I still say Jones is the greatest fighter ever seen because of the, for one, the sheer resume. Yeah. Good luck for anybody, even though like we said, the next big thing is going to be coming soon at MMA where it blows everyone away. But that doesn't mean the resume, like LeBron that we talked about in basketball, LeBron obviously, as far as those attributes blows a lot of the Jordan era guys away and even the guys who proceed to him. But LeBron is still a very much an uphill battle because the championship resume still at least in some people's eyes. We've talked about it a lot, but do a lot of people doesn't stack up. So even that doesn't have that problem. Exactly. Even if you have guys to the eye that look like, oh, he reminds me of a lot of the things that John Jones brought to the table at one point. Good luck ever getting to the mountain top the way he did because what this, again, it was Hall of Famer. The title at like 22. Yeah. To be able to do it. Enter the conversation. I'm not sure when we see that again. It's like a champion 22 23. And then you can't have a fall off. His fall offs have been all outside the octagon. When he's on his own on his own court, yeah. When he's in there, what? He's had a close fight and people were like, well, Dominick Reyes could have been. He didn't. Now you're penalizing the guy for even having closer. We talked about Daniel Cormier, probably being one of the three greatest fighters to ever walk the face of the earth. It wasn't even close. God had kicked it down. And the first fight got waxed because the gas tank Jones was frigging just tore throughout the room with the wrestling. When it was insane, it was mind-blowing. When he is focused and he's up for it. Yeah. There's no one like that. Like everyone loved the Gus fight, and that first Gus fight is like, oh my God, this is the best title fight in UFC history. Him versus Gustafson the second fight. This ran through him. Yeah, but this was a rematch of the greatest title fight ever. Yeah, when he's BSing and he's partying, he's doing John Jones shit. Yeah. Maybe you catch him on and off that. When he is focused, yeah, there's nothing like that. And that's why even though he may lose that quote unquote focus after all those comeback stints in the comeback stint, he still takes care of business. Every time he is return of the octagon, even with the no contest, the D.C. was just ruled after the fact. He is taking care of the business in the way he needed to, often in dominant fashion, so if we're right here on the topic anyway, it's what are you feeling against gone? What do you feel against? Obviously Cyril that won the one thing he brings to the table is probably better than anyone in that division in particular. But again, we're talking about a guy who is like what volk does now. He made a whole career of it against Hall of Famers using what you do against you. To his advantage and to your disadvantage, that bounce that that speed that striking sophistication, that Cyril gone brings to the octagon, Jon Jones can easily scoop that against them, swing the whole fight next and you know, Don doesn't have an answer, especially with the clinch work in the wrestling. Heavyweight's a different beast, right? People don't defend the title more than twice. No. So the odds say you're going to get caught by something. Eventually. If John doesn't, he's the most spectacular. Fighter I've ever seen. Going into this, I saw Cyril gone, get out wrestled. By Francis my friend, the man had no kneecaps. He had no knees. Got out wrestled by Ngannou. I mean, unless John Jones completely gases and doesn't handle the weight well. I see no way. And he'll try to stand with Cyril and you might get caught and touched up early. When he switches it on and goes to the clinch, he wants to wrestle Cyril gone. He has over zero answer for John Jones. And the thing about John Jones is he's not a nice person. He is. He's got that Terrence Crawford aspect. He's mean, he likes to hurt you in the case. He when there's something to prove, when people are doubting him, when someone talks shit to him, and it's personal, he is not a nice person. He is going in there to hurt his opponent to finish them and to make a statement. I think he chokes Sarah out and two? Yeah. And it's not to discount serial. It's a bad match. I'm with you. The only thing would be the rust, the him not taking care of his body. And the heavyweight asshole. And I don't even think I think he's been waiting so long. I don't even think that's a factor. He has to get caught and knocked out to lose. That's what I'm more so mean by the heavily. Not so not him carrying the way more so the chin. Can the shin karaoke ask and knock out to lose? I'm not even sure if he puts himself in position to do that. How often has he ever been hurt anyway? It doesn't hasn't happened a whole lot. No, I mean, he took the punch. And certain fights it's happened in doses, but it's always in those fights. It's never like, if you look at his career collectively, he tore up machida. He tore up rampage. He tore up Vitor. He tore up shogun. He tore up all those guys early on without taking any damage. He tore up D.C. the first time, actually got caught a couple times by D.C. in the second fight that was scratched off, and then obviously raised caught him a few times, who was it, Thiago had actually the fight of his life probably against Santos against him. So yeah, you can catch him, but he's never really kind of had that thing where he's been through consistent wars.

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