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To roll mass stuff. Dole and us think about us dance. And I'm Pat. We're back at the races. The boarding team here in the east call at nine eighteen and little Willie John. The tragic the tragic little Willie, John and. A. Couple of notes about. Saturday that we didn't get to yesterday and that included. It can reiterate from Saturday. What a nice job Michelle Devon's done with on our up repeat that again, she got a great right to for many Franco while gold for the king was all bottled up. Manny was. Just well positioned throughout you could see when when they were going into the turn. He was just poised and for the third third win in the last four starts so Saratoga seven. Partners. They really with this honor and serve coal. And I am pretty sure he got a career best career-best Ninety-seven buyer out of this. And he's just been slowly as the fall was unfolding just was getting incrementally better. And he was seemed like he was always thought of well fought of the New York Brett enough that Bill Mont try them in the Lexington. Ten to one that day. Of course, my boy, Jack that was my boy Jack's prep for the derby. Can't say roic. We'll call it history. Onyx? I guess I don't know. Then on Sunday that blind Willie mckell comes back and Jerry's zero. Bread. This posse. Gelding? And you know, it was kind of it was one it was a star-crossed weekend zero one of the partners in the Tom Morley or that was stricken on Saturday as it happens. But you know, that's this is a lot of the, you know, the the lowest lows in the is is on Sunday comes back and. Yeah. Follows up that that nice maiden. When follows it up with a stake win in the Rigo park. And what was interesting about this? Of course, is that he had a a stumbling rumbling stumbling beginning and. Dylan davis. Held them held it together and gathered him and off he went so. The stallion series. Mayton win. And now follows it up with regal park. And you know, it was fit was modest. But this is a nice horse. So I imagine that Linda rice and Jerry's aero will. Stay along the state bread lines for now looks like. An ice sprinter. And there was also I should mention I gotta get hold of my angle art, actually, you know, maybe maybe we'll get maybe actually cut room today. We'll get to Jeremiah. Another Hertrich fielding product, midnight curfew. If you didn't see this on Sunday. This was a nice performance. Andy Andy, traveling today, actually, and so he can't join the we'll be on tomorrow. Actually, there's two movements for tomorrow Steve asking is moving up from Thursday and and moving back from today so pass can and. Serlin on a Wednesday. And also mention Allen foreman tomorrow, you can use your magic. There's something exciting to discuss with Allen. So we'll have a busy Wednesday plus.

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