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They're just they're guys crying on the screen. It's very emotional toe Watch. I don't know how anyone can really just turn a blind eye to it. It's It's just something that needs to be addressed head on one of the face how and that's what I do, and I don't know that Walking away from one baseball game or walking away from a bad bust on the price is going to solve the problem. I don't think that violence is going to solve the problem, but I think people need to dio as they need to take a break and actually think about some of the things that are happening really happening without the narrative. In American cities, and I don't know that anybody is willing to do that. I think this movement which could have had so much good has been co opted. In so many bad ways, and it looks like the kid himself who did the shoot up in Kenosha 17 years old came in from some place in Illinois. He goes down the street like he's on his way to the gunfight at the OK Corral and the pass him. Well, he got attacked, according to reports of many shot and killed people Now why was he even There is a question. Why were those white on the street with that? Why were those other people out on the street? There is a curfew. If you know that there is a curfew party's over, go home and say this is we can't just Allow this kind of I guess All of this is only going to result in more people getting hurt, and we're stupid stuff like this. And one wonders. Where is his family? How do you get the gun and his life? By the way is over whether he lives or dies. He's done his life. He'll spend the rest of his life in jail whether but there are multiple pictures of him posing with this looks like a military rifle. Yeah, he's 17. But like where? Where did he get the gun? Where Why was he lives with his mom was a single. Mom. Why? Why didn't the mother? No. I mean, they're these. He's standing there grinning like an idiot with this big gun in multiple pictures. How does the mother not know this? I don't get it. That were our parents. What's going they'll all say, Well, I have to work. This kind of excuse is that I mean, that's the same thing that people are talking about everywhere is that a lot of this violence a lot of which starts all of this to begin with, and all of this bad behavior is the is the deconstruction and the collapse of the American family. And it's you know, we have. We have deconstructed this culture. So much gotten so many people addicted and married to government that there's no one raising these kids and it's just I don't know if this is the case Can you give to me? That's part of the decision that's made by people. What can I give him? The government? That politician voted for some? I got this blah, blah, blah. And so the way it goes in a moment, Trump makes his case for re election as we get to the number one story of the week here on the talk radio Review, Doug Stephan Jennifer or in Victoria Keelan 43 after the hour. Recover or die. It's a.

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