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Biden has smashed the age barrier for the presidency. Please would you smash the remaining shots for women. I think patsy might be thinking of the glass ceiling that was shattered into a million pieces. Will you run. We know it's exhausting. And you've had bad luck but this is important and it is your times his patsy hickman and i would add to that that of course joe biden did run three times and got there in the end and you have only run twice. What did you think i thank you for. That vote of confidence really is very meaningful but i have no intention or plan to run again. I'm going to do everything. I possibly can to elect people who i think are right for the country and it won't surprise you to hear that. I think the republican party has literally lost. Its mind So i'm going to be working very hard to elect democrats from the white house. You know all the way down the ballot. You said something that really interested me interested me at the time and i looked at it again in interesting. Megan you said. I'm not a natural politician in case you haven't noticed like my husband or president obama and i wondered what you had in mind. Your image of a natural politician was and whether and i know we came back to the gender thing but whether in a way the natural politician template in your mind is quite a mail. Template i mean. Are there women who you would say. Yeah that's a natural politician in a way that i hillary rodham clinton. I'm not a natural bullish. Now it really is more about the the image of a quote natural politician that most people have in their heads. And you know. When when i was running occasionally people would approach me or somebody i was working for and they would say you know. I wanted to change the way she speaks her. I want her to do this. Or that. and my staff got very used to it and their their reaction always was to ask. Do you have in mind. And they would take what she needs to talk like her husband or she needs to talk like you know president obama and they will tell us a woman she needs to talk like and literally people would be dumbfounded. So i was making the point that look i was trying to become president which in our country is head of state as well as head of government therefore would have been quote commander in chief which is the role one of the roles the president plays. And you know. I knew that i had to overcome so much of this. Embedded view about what a leader looks like what a leader sounds like. And i was trying to kind of get people to question their internal views of what a leader looked like and sounded like but but what was the onset urine question to those women. When it was. You'll stop he would say to people. So who's the woman. Do you see a woman around who fits that kind of bill. Clinton barack obama natural politician template or is the only way actually america's going to elect a woman..

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