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Whore elements horror elements, but like when I think or I think hereditary, you know, what I mean, like her Peretti Terry's more of a in this like blunt house university, I think higher brow horror movies, when they're eighteen is making the movie, I think, I don't know if hereditary bomb house, but it feels good to him. I think yeah, I think hereditary is more pure horror than some of the other films. But it was great. All right. So hereditary number eight number eight for me. Here's a movie that feels like came out last year that would be a Nile Asian annihilate comes in ninety four one hundred incredible scifi movie, it is one beautiful look at just the visuals. This movie are incredible great acting by the entire cast from Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tessa Thompson. Gina Rodriguez Oscar Isaac and this movie for a bit an eyelash in this movie. Makes you fucking thing. You'll think about this movie for a long time after you see it and anything this thought provoke. Thing. That's also well done and not contrived in a way. That's like being forced down your throat and obnoxious is going to get a great score for me. I thought this was wonderfully made I know a lot of people hate this movie. But also a lot of people love it. It's a very polarizing movie in that sense because there's some shit. You're like what the fuck also some of the scariest shit in any movie this year that the demon animals? Yeah. It just they're fucked cut cut into that guy with the recorded footage. It is man this movie, it makes you think you know, doesn't represent cancer. What those represented life? What does it represent? I've talked to some people in the offs about it. No, one can really agree movie. Makes you think it's gonna be on my list. It's gonna be high up there because that's just great filmmaking. Great writing I love the night elation ninety four one hundred for me. Number eight. We've already talked about this one from the audience the hate you give audience rank that at number eight Kendrick number seven number seven you to sit at a night Latian. This is one where after we came out of the theater with it. I didn't like it very. Much. And then every watched it and I loved it. I liked it way way. More than on my initial watch. I think the pacing of it was awesome, the special effects fucking credible. And I think in the nation for completely snuffed in the Oscars. Dammit rish going for fix especially for the for the ending ten minutes silver twin? Yeah. Silver, twin alone. Right. And the whatever I thing was funding. Sick. Annihilation steamed twins. Yes. The dancing alien mean guy. Enjoyed a ton of the performances..

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