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And there are a lot of things that happened that were unacceptable the weight, obviously, a big part of it. But also the idea that Berhalter was the only candidate yet for them, which I think is not in Gregg Berhalter interest. Because when you have a guy like Julian Lopa Taghi come to you and say, I'm interested in the job, and he did do this and. The response is and they haven't named coach yet the response from US Docker is we're good. We're too far along the process to even doing interview. That's crazy. That's absolutely crazy to me. Yeah. I mean, we remember we were talking about how it just felt like they had boxed themselves in with this arbitrary set of qualifications. You know has to speak English. It just talked to Martina would have been a good candidate. Yeah. Why not interview him? I mean, he was not interviewed in the end. There were three people who were actually who got four interviews. So it was Gregg Berhalter Oscar Paret and one still unnamed I think Dutch is what it sounded like from Ernie Stewart said I'd like to actually find out who this was who said bore Frank Deboer, one of the divorce could be actually I it's less likely that because what what Stewart said at the press conference was that he was notified by this person that he had a job. So this. Was last fall before divorce was hired by land. So I presume that person would be Dutch. There's very much a Dutch influence in US soccer right now. And so I'd like to find out who that person is. But it's crazy to me why you wouldn't speak have formal interviews with other people. I think any process where you're making an important higher. It's important to find out what people's ideas would be into learn more from people you if you're Ernie Stewart, you may not know very well. I I missed defied by grandma's. I'm mystified by this. What exactly is Ernie Stewart's job because that is not very clear to me. And even when he's being pressed on it by your colleague, Alexi Lalas. It was very vague middle-management speak. I'm not sure what is his rule. So I agree with you on that. I think went Alexi asked Stewart on national television. What do you do? Their response wasn't good. It was it was very mealy mouthed, blah. Nothing stuff. Yeah. And I think that's a worrying sign. On paper his job is as the general manager of the US men's national team. He is the guy in charge of hiring the national team coach. And then he's in charge like supposedly like organizational stuff involving the national team. What we do know. Specifically is he is not in charge of the US youth national teams. Okay. It sounds like even though before he said he was not in charge of hiring the Olympic coach he may actually be in charge of hiring the Olympic coach. Now. I mean, I was joking with people or any Stewart should have announced his resignation the second they hired. All my work is done. Yeah. Yeah. Now, keep in mind that this new job part of the requirement for the US coach is that he lived in Chicago and basically work out of the same office at US soccer with Ernie Stewart in so then. Then the question becomes what are those daily things going to be that Ernie Stewart is working? You you hear the collaboration? Yeah. These days. And so, but we heard a mad thing about style of play. So Ernie would dictate the style of play and the manager would fall under those parameter that that doesn't work. I mean, I think what was was. Stewart talking to people trying to figure out what is the style. Generally that we would like to play on the US men's national team. I will now hire a coach who fits that in then the coach decides the coach the coach, right? So and, but I think the way Stewart was trying to explain publicly is that helped him to winnow out the candidates if he felt like this is not this coach is associated with a style that we don't really have the players to play or wanna play was price. An issue was cost. An issue was was an I'm not not disparaging Barak. But was there? Also, a criteria are a bandwidth for how much money there will be some..

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