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Can you only had one of them? The station. Now, they'll look the love and tried to hang onto. The you know, what's weird though, you know, you loaned us your gold glove, and it was great to have in. What people have to understand is. It's actually just a baseball mitt then is spray painted gold. Like, Like, it's. it's. I mean, it's cool. But it's it's kind of a cheap, you know award. I mean, it's a great honor herald don't get me wrong. I think the actual trophy. They they they give you is just a glove, and then they get, you know, Russ stolen them, and then they spray pin. Well last night. Ward was was awarded Johnny Atlanta, right down. So let's see the Roberto Clemente where it looks like the Heisman Trophy. Well, I want it back in ninety one that gave me a ball. That was basically they silver bronze too. Come on get a high, isn't it? The Red Sox with two two outs in the you know, this ability they're hitting over four hundred with two ounce. And I I guess I I look at what Cora has done for this team. And what I love and that is put the bat on the ball. Don't try to you don't have to hit home runs. They're not relying on home runs here. And they're put the ball in play. And I I don't know if more teams are going to look at this and go. Oh, jeez. That's it does make more sense than striking out that you put the ball in play. And then things happen. What do you make of this strategy? It's not strategy. I guess, but it's just the ability to you know, put the ball in play with with two outs in runners in scoring position. Well, I I take full loss. That, you know, it's it's it's blending the new analytics and also the old school together. And I think we've gone through numbers and data are always constantly changing. Right. It changes are are thought process of of how we think about things so Alex comes from Houston ASO's who way out there with all the Olympics. But I think they're the first ones sit there and say take a pitch given account and lead league in strikeouts. Then they made the adjustment. We're gonna put the ball in play and they went to World Series. And I think analysts about that here. He had a quote last night. And that he said in the press conference to ten and thirty home runs and seventy Rb is you can't play for the Red Sox that doesn't get it with one hundred ninety five strikeouts. You can't play here. So I think what it's been accepted herald it that's the problem is baseball has accepted this as the new normal. Well, I hate it. I hate it. I know most people. Do the ball's gonna be play. And if you put the ball in play good things are gonna happen strike out. Not just another out you have no production. So I think there's team starting to see it when you have the team leading right? You know to in the World Series. I'm not gonna give it to them yet. Although I think you'll probably win it. And last year winter saying strikeouts is not the way you play. You put the ball in play. Maybe we're going to start to see this turn. And we'll see 'cause we gotta get the game back to putting the ball play. It just. HR safe travels to Los Angeles. We'll check in with you a little bit later on in the series. Thank you. Fran. Appreciate Harold Reynolds. He won three Gold Gloves. Yeah. Fritzy, no, offense or anything. But it's kind of a cheap award. It is like what you mentioned looking at the gold glove looked like cheap award. Yes. It's an amazing honored again. But when we all got it. We were like this is what they give them. Really, didn't you think it was actual gold glove again like it was a gold glove? Like when you tap on it, solid. It was a rust Olim high end restaurant. Yes. Because you could get a glove, and I could spray painted, and I could spray spray thing to baseball's. I think that we could probably construct a gold glove. It was a little more. It had the feel of like a more high end sixth grade art project, it was a little bit more art project that like somebody did that out in the garage..

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