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Oh well hey guys thanks thanks for having me on you know i think i did maybe like a hundred commercials before you anybody ever likes news why was because of modern family i i worked with a lot with a guy named joe pitta who directs the commercials i did a bunch of ibm commercials i did a commercial with donovan mcnab for visa that that philly fans will for sure remember i trimmed trimmed a topiary in the in the in the like of donald mcnabb and then he comes out not like donald but i did like yeah that's not my yard man and i remember i remember that one i didn't know that was you if yeah well you know you wouldn't you wouldn't know you wouldn't know it's me but commercials were awesome i i loved i look i'm glad i'm not going on commercial auditions anymore i'm not gonna lie to you i still have plenty of friends that keep me attached to that world and tell me stories that make my jaw dropped but i knew it was i knew it was getting time for me to be out of commercials it's very specific story when i went to an audition one time and i i was supposed to be in a suit and tie for sears commercial but i never wore what they told me where to to commercial additions because i was like no i'm not i'm not a sheep i'm not gonna just jump through that fiery hoop because you asked me to so i show up and and the and the casting person was like where's your suit and tie and i'm like oh did they built set in there too.

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