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Rbis streisand. Burt reynolds and charles. Ronson susan serandon. I had partial. Nude scene with susan serandon partial. Where you're at your susan was topless. Well what about you know. I was playing the bashful size sidekick on all okay so i got to be bashful and sensitive and susan had to button her blouse flash me. Have you ever baird asking one thousand nine hundred seventy five. That's rocky horror. Show era homina. Homina homina did you. I mean did you ever bare ass or anything like that. Oh yeah yeah. I recently to cast are down around my knee time. Yeah no obscure clinic. I had to run around naked and share clinic so this scientists so that was kind of wait a minute. You showed your junk. Well i mean. I could see it when i go from like a kind of Samadi tank in a one of those hot tub sensory deprivation hot tubs. And they put a towel around the in march me across. But you know. I went to daly's i saw the notice. You're like somebody's gonna take this some aid like some little assistance going to just take a picture of your junk and it's going to be everywhere. What was that magazine celebrity skin remember. Yup i do. Don't you remember you. And may jonathan silverman back in the nineteen sixties. You have the blame mansion. In celebrity scan the silverman was dating a couple of girls from petticoat junction. Souza's you really are aging there. Is that old old silverman. I know general right general. Well listen were your parents when you were growing up. 'cause like first of all i want to say i love. You have always loved you. You were an idol of mine and working with you in urban legend and just being in a trailer and i remember fangoria magazine came to interview us and i just was on cloud nine. It was my first big movie really part and we just really hit it off. And i just always admired you and looked up to you and we got along so fondly that it was just You made it so easy for everybody around you because you are a legend and even at that time you order breakfast across service one at the wind. I think we had really graft service like some fabulous lesbians from vancouver. Who were making us great granola with a lot around sugar. I remember you ordering. Is mike as as christopher walken. One day gigs. Easy scrambled robert england's with you. It's not an. It's not land as lund swedish swedish. You are swedish. But wow duke. How everything's it's relaxed. And it's funny as i ended up working with him like two years later and after that i asked without doing doing walking walking's he was kind of weirded out by me but because i was so you get that bright i kinda young guy looking at him with on and he's a great another fan boy and other fan boy but he was cool. But you know when i met you you were so humble you had such a good time and we. That was really a good time shooting. Urban legend was a great cast. I mean i've had a little crush on a leash wit my entire career. I remember on the old civil such cybill shepherd. Show say that ten times fast. But i mean you know. Jared leto pre-oscar josh jackson. The unsung acting in that movie. I mean loretta devine door unsung performance in that movie. Rebecca gay hearts great in that movie. Yeah what about the guy. What about the professor remember. He was from x. Files that will see. I had lunch with john. Neville john neville. I had when i was arado boy and i was all hatches on my sleeves. You know and talking. Like madonna in london Royal academy We study some of those performances and john naval had done othello on the west end with richard burton when the entire audience was teenage girls because burton was so beautiful you know with his strategic acne scars and that beautiful voice it sounded like silver thunder and and they would all do the matinees. The girls a teenage girls would all ditch go to the that nays to see. Burton and novel and burton would swap roles. One night. He played fellow in black face literally incorrect and then the next night he play iago so i want to lunch in downtown toronto at this elegant restaurant with john neville and of course i know all this shit so i i started asking these questions and nodes asked these questions in fifty years so little robert england you know sitting there but i get. I've got my little goatee and And my george clooney haircut. And i'm and i'm being a subtle fan boy john neville but he loved it so i got all this gossip about judy. Dench and about richard burton me something. Gimme trump that. Nobody knows you dance. Apparently was wild and helen. Mirra he said. Helen mirren every time she got she got on stage. She had to take her clothes off. She always wanted to do a nude scene. Helen mirren always wanted to be naked. Apparently that's what he says. With novels. all week was. Oh oh heather. No she she. She detailed negative she loved. I guess she loved. Apparently she'd had a lot of nudes. Change at the open when you're naked the old or the royal shakespeare company. That's really something you know. Yeah wow that's pretty amazing. I remember john was great. I remember that one line goes the weekend we can eat if you look at you if you if you i am. Be amazing allie. He's done everything she yet to see stuff he did. I think he was sort of the new john gielgud. I think that's sort of high could see that. Yeah hey kid and you were born in glendale you were born in glendale was born in the foothills. There is a place. There's a out weird area. Where hollywood and atwater village yup and and boulevard is sort of like low steelers. It's glendale and there are some foothills. going up. i was born at a hospital. Knows foothills. But i almost immediately became valley boy. I grew up almost until i was eighteen. I was in the valley. I was valley boy. And i lived in encino and sherman oaks and woodland hills northridge and i lived for while on that street right down right down the block from clark gable. When i was a little kid onto the market with my mom clark gable would be in there. You know how that you always wanna do it. Act i i remember. Yeah yeah. I remember the moment. I was supposed to be a lawyer. I remember the moment. I was dragged dragged off to a professional children's workshop children's theatre workshop and i was with his older girl. Who's the hottest girl valley and that's saying something that's war that she later became a talk show host in ego and she was a wannabe actors. And i figured. I'd just be you know sweeping backstage. And and ushering or something. I got all the lead roles. I was annot kill. I was either banned aladdin. Who's hansel in hansel. And read it in greenwich and i also got late. For the first time i was twelve years old with her with the puerto rican. A all i remember was there was a sweatshirt. Said bloomington indiana on it. It was kids from all.

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